Not a needle lace but very similar in design and, well, what do you think?

LACE FENCE by Dutch design team Demakersvan.

I came across it in one of my many google searches.

Their website has more examples

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I think you should expand your lace interests to include Bobbin lace. The lace fence is actually based on bobbin lace, which is also a very interesting lace making technique. I love it.

Surface Design Journal, now available at magazine stands (Borders and Barnes and Noble) is a speical lace issue that has the work of the artists who made the lace fence, also other lace artists including practitioners of needle lace. The issue is available by mail from Surface Design Journal.

Hi Devon,

The look of bobbin lace in action scares me! It looks far too complicated. Perhaps when I find the basics of needle lace "easy", I'll be motivated to look further for more of a challenge.
Thanks for the tip about the magazine.

I recall a discussion of this on arachne, perhaps a year ago.  But this time I checked out the photos.  Looks like most of their designs are based on bobbin lace.  Very interesting.

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