Hello Everyone,

Just posting my first Comment. I am about to embark on my needle lace journey in the following year and do my Stage one proficency. I have almost completed my introduction to needle lace with the guild and Helga Hill (on my final piece). I am thinking about taking the year to do stage one instead of a couple of months. I would like to start from scratch so to speak. Did I also mention that I have three small children! I would love to hear from anyone who is on the same journey!

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Glad to hear you have a definite planning for learning and mastering this craft and artform.  If you have any introductory pieces that you have made, do show us pictures.  We love to see progress reports.

Dear Judith,

Thank you for your reply!

I must confess that I love contemporary applications of needlelace myself, as I have come from an embroidery background. Nevertheless, to do the contempoary well I am a bit old fashioned in that I believe that you need to get the tradional right first.

I think I will do my stage one over the year, so I can start my pieces from scratch.

I have one question to ask however, in what form do the sample stitches take? Do you have a set shape and work the stitches in this? And, do you finish the cordonnettee on the shape?

Thanks for the reply and your wisdom,

In stitching,

Cathy Thomas

Congratulations, Catherine. It's not easy to have enough time with three small children, but you'll get it.

Thank you, Judith, it's a great hint.

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