With Jeanine Robertson probably pursuing other work such as translations for books and contributing other work, I feel like there is a gap now.  Her blog is/ was an excellent resource for all sorts of Italian needlework.  But I discovered Puncetto, Venitian lace and Aemilia Ars through her blog and she was an excellent resource for newly published works, as well as the occasional technique demo.

Are there other needle lace blogs that are updated regularly that can fill the gap?  I probably should spend more time doing but it is nice to read and daydream too.

Jeanine's blog is here

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Avital has a blog with a lot of instruction and diagrams for puncetto.


Also Brona's sitakrajka    http://sitakrajka.blogspot.com/p/puncetto-valsesiano.html 

These ladies are both experts, and very good at diagrams and explanations.

Following! I too miss Jeanine's blog.

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