Hellooooooooooo! Long time no see!

I'm thinking about getting back into lace making - limerick lace that is - and for that I need cotton net.

The place where I got it before doesn't sell it any more so I'm looking for a new supplier. Does anyone know where I can buy cotton netting?

See attached for a snap of my last limerick lace project on cotton netting.

Thank you!

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I see you are in Australia, and I'm not sure that this is even what you are looking for, so it might not be helpful, but Van Sciver Bobbin Lace in the US carries white cotton net (hex hole) for Carrickmacross--not sure if it will work for Limerick, too.



Beautiful work, BTW!

Good luck in your search!

Laurie Waters has set up a pinterest page with pinboards for suppliers, arranged by country.

http://www.pinterest.com/LaceNews/boards/    suppliers are near the bottom.  I don't know if any of those have what you are looking for.

This one doesn't have pictures so I can't see what is what.... but I will look at the other links. Thanks!

Lorelei Halley said:

http://www.joscolace.com.au/ This is a great place for so many bobbin lace supplies, I have a beautiful burgandy roller lace pillow on its way from there. If she hasn't got what you are particularly after I know she will either get it in or know where you can find it.

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