OOps!! I forgot that I turned off emails while I was away, - and only just remembered to turn them back on!  No wonder the list seemed quiet!!

I had a great time at the IOLI convention in Indianapolis, and it was great to meet up with friends. There was a nice display of sol Lace in the exhibition.

Now to catch up - starting with the photos!!

I hope everyone is well, and making lots of lace for me to have a look at!!!

Liz. - in Very cold Melbourne, Oz.

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Hi Liz!

It was so fun to see you at convention and eat one of the meals with you and your husband! You always bring a ray of sunshine with you where ever you go! And you are just like the Energizer Bunny--you just keep going and going and going and...



".. going and going.."  - Not really, - so long as I can sit and chat I am OK, though!!!!!!!  And have something like tatting or knotted lace in my hands to fiddle with while I'm chatting!!!!!!!  :)

It was lovely to see you, too, Janet, and catch up with what you are doing, - as well as all the others  - like at the Arachne lunch.  I sat opposite a lady  who I thought I did not know ,- but it was "the other" Elizabeth, from Brazil!!  We have often had a chat over the Internet, but not met face-to-face before!!!

Everyone is always so friendly at the Conventions, and it is so easy to make new friends. Everyone is always so happy and ready for a chat.

I only saw one unhappy lady, who had received a nasty comment about her hat at the Tuesday dinner, but I think I managed to cheer her up a bit!  It is so unusual for that sort of thing to happen at these conventions, though.

I am glad to see you are still making beautiful lace, Janet, and entering it in the competition. Very well done.

Hugs, Liz.

Liz et Janet,
Peut-être aurons-nous l'honneur et le plaisir d'admirer vos travaux sur NLT!

Perhaps we shall have the honor and pleasure to admire your work on NLT!

I did a Tatting class this time at Convention, Christiane, so it is not appropriate for this list!  I really have not done much needlelace recently but I plan to get back to it - and work on some Gros Point very soon.  I have had an outline laid for about 2 years, - so it is about time I started to work on the fillings!!  - and then the fun part - the raised edges with embellishments!!!!

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