I have been reading my books lately on all things lace.

Just wondering if anyone knows a source for leather cloth? if possible in USA...

Also, how big a piece is usually a good size?

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I don't know any sources for leather.  Does anyone know?

But Nupur, If you are thinking of leather as the backing material, ordinary cloth will work.  What were you planning to use the leather for?

Hi Lorelei,

 I was reading my books on whitework and needlelace... in E. Prickett's book on Rusking lace she mentions using a 'leather cloth' as a way to stitch against - in hand without a hoop etc.  I have been in touch with Mr Prickett and he suggested a source in England.  I have emailed them but have not heard back from them - their website does not show the item either.... I thought that perhaps someone who has taken classes with Mrs Prickett might be able to give me an idea on this (size, thickness etc)... looks like an interesting way to do Ruskin lace and I see the applications to Reticella and other needlelace techniques.

Now I understand that you are thinking of the leather as a temporary backing material.  What most modern lace makers use is 2 or more layers of cloth (2 denim would be similar to leather), and a paper pattern with transparent sticky plastic film on the paper.  Your needle would touch the plastic, but not go through it.  It would be similar in effect to using leather, but cheaper and easier to find, in the modern world.

Parchment would have been the material used in the early days of needlelace.  But no one uses that now -- much too expensive, and hard to find.


I took a course with Diane Clements recently on Reticella lace.  She is an excellent teacher and this reignited my interests in all things lace again... I have collected many books and have done some techniques on my own from them... then other techniques ( Japanese embroidery, stumpwork with Jane Nicholas who is another amazing teacher out there)  and activities (teaching Japanese embroidery for example) came to the forefront so it is good to go back to 'old interests' and look at things again with different eyes.  Diane's instructions and her attention to detail is perhaps some of the best I have seen out there .  She had us use a thicker bue colored paper, we placed a self adhesive clear sheet over this blue sheet with the design and we used a LoRan metal board in lieu of the pillow... the metal lip of the LoRan pattern holder board acts as a roundish area (mimicking the pillow) to work with.  Interesting idea but I also liked the leather cloth idea in Elizabeth Prickett's book.  Before taking Diane's class I have worked reticella on the frame and had no issues but am always open to learn new ways...esp. when the traditional ways were working these 'in hand'.

Thanks for the tip on the cloth... do you baste your pattern sheet onto the fabric and then hold it in your hand?

Still on the 'hunt' for the leather cloth though... 


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