Hi all! Thanks for letting me join this group. I live in Amish country, Pennsylvania, for just over two years now. I love working with a needle, and recently noticed needlelace. I realized after looking at more on it, that I have done some without knowing. Dreamscapes, by Divan Nirkerk. I can certainly do with more practice though, and I'm not sure the stitches were correct. I look forward to trying some of the beginner projects and to looking at more of your work.

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As to making stitches correctly -- there are many, many variants of buttonhole stitch which are used in needle lace. One night I went through all my books and made a little sketch of each stitch and its variants. I ended up with 10 pages of tiny penciled diagrams. So if your method of making a stitch is not correct for one style of lace, it probably will be correct for another. Also many of us are designing our own modern work. I do that because I just can't work on the fine traditional scale -- I just can't see it -- and because I can used whatever stitches I want wherever I want. Absolute freedom!!!

We have a group for discussions of stitches and their variants --


We also have an album of photos of stitches, close up.


On my personal website I have a page of diagrams of what I think are the most basic commonly used stitches.


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