I just found out today that ning is raising its annual hosting fee from $239.90 to $588. This won't be an issue for us until July 2017, because we just paid our fee in July.  In June of next year we will have to decide what to do. We have collected so much precious information and photos. Nothing of its kind exists anywhere on the internet. Moving to another platform is not really an option because of the issue of preserving our existing content, and because of other features that ning has and other platforms do not.

There is nothing to do about this now, but it will become an issue in 10 months.

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That is a huge increase! Will there be more functionality for the site?

"Many hands make light work" - hopefully we can collect enough money from users to keep it going, if everyone pitches in with what they can.


There is no added functionality. They are just raising their price. I think it is in line with the drug company that is charging $600 for a set of epipens, just because they have a captive audience. I think it is just greed.  It really upsets me because I have put so much work into setting this up. The first 2 weeks I spent probably 14 hours/day on it. Then I kept adding things. It has so much useful information, and nothing else on the internet even comes close. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.  Some of the material is priceless -- Margaret Ruhland's lace photos, Xiaojie's Pag photos. I will have to do more work to preserve those things in some fashion. I can't bear the idea of all that stuff just disappearing forever. Poof.

Hi Lorilei, this is just a suggestion but maybe a raffle could be set up on this site and every ticket sold could go to a site fund. Of course there would have to be a prize and a decision on how much a ticket would be. I also think a person should be limited to how many tickets they could purchase but have a chance to win with each ticket purchased. This is just a suggestion.  With such a large increase in pricing it could take some time to raise.


Vicki - I'll keep that in mind.

Lorelei, Im unable to access in full your latest news about the NING fee. It's only showing an incomplete statement on the front page.


I got my dates mixed up. We don't need to worry about our fee until July of this year. In the meantime, the good news is that ning canceled their intended rate increase. Our fee will remain $239.90..  Not due until July.

That's excellent news Lorelei! Good also to see some traffic on the site. Its been so quiet of late and I've often wondered if anyone was "out there" ....

Lorelei, I am one of the many folk who "ghost" on this site a lot.  I rarely post, but often read, and research, look at photos.  I'd be willing to pay a membership fee for the privilege.  Please let us know if you need help with this year's fees.

Kathleen - Thank you for your offer. Our fee will be due in July. But we have peace and quiet until then. Have you been doing any needle lace yourself?

Loreliei, I've been out for a bit recovering from major foot surgery in early November last year.  Imagine my dismay when I discovered the pain and pain-killers prevented me from getting any of the schedule of needlework projects done I had imagined would happen when restricted to my bed for the first 6 weeks!  Since February, I have focused on tatting in preparation for the Shuttlebirds' annual Workshop, which took place the first weekend in May.  I the meantime, I received a copy of Geomentrical Needlelace in the Style of Aemilia Ars by Margaret Stephens.  It is awesome, and I cannot wait to begin working through her projects.  This is a very good resource for beginners like myself - and its in English, unlike Un Bordo.

Dear Lorelei
Please just let me know if you need help with this year's fees. I love this site!! So, count with me too!


Our fee is due in July. Thank you for your offer of help. I will post a notice about the fee when we get to July.

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