It is that time of year again, and our annual hosting fee to ning is due July 20th, 2017. The current fee is $240. Please make donations to my Paypal account, in any amount that you can afford. Twelve $20 donations would be enough, or 24 $10 donations, or 10 $25 donations. No one is required to donate anything. But I ask this help because I am living on a small pension and just can't bear the cost myself.

I know our site has been quite the last 6 months, but I hope to keep it active. I have put a huge amount of work into it, and I think it offers information and assistance that just is not available anywhere else. I want to preserve knowledge of the technique of needle lace -- in all its variations -- into future generations. I hope you will agree, and assist me in this undertaking.

One thing I have learned from this site is that we have many more highly skilled and artistic needle lace makers in the world than I had any idea of. Their work deserves a forum where they can show it to the world.

Please make your donations to    on paypal, and  I can use that to pay their fee.        Paypal will handle any currency conversion issues.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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It is a pleasure to contribute to this valuable site. Lorelei puts so much effort into it. It is a great resource.

Devon Thein



Many thanks, Lorelei!  My contribution is on its way.

Millie Irwig


THANK YOU for your donation.


THANK YOU  for your donation !!


THANK YOU for your donation.

Please let us know if you fall short! We will shake the bushes for money to keep this site going. Thanks for all your effort and love for lace!


THANK YOU for your donation.

We now have enough money in donations to pay our fee to ning for this next year. Thank you all who have contributed. This is a valuable resource, and I hope it will continue for many years.  And please know that I value all the contributions of comments, photos, and ideas from all our members.

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