Today I have changed the policy on photos.  I will no longer have to approve photos before they will appear.  You can post them to our PHOTOS directly.  However I will delete any photos which don't fall within the guidelines. 

Photos will be deleted if:

1. they are not true needlelace (embroidered reticella, filet lacis and tenerife are acceptable)

2. they are photos or pages from a book or magazine (unless you wrote the book).

3. they are copied from another website (post a link instead of copying the photo) -- unless it is your website and your original photo.

4. The photo is out of focus or such poor quality that we can't see how it is made.  (If we can't see the stitches, there is no point in posting the photo.)

5. If the image is more than 50% background I may delete the photo and ask you to crop it first and then re-post it.

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OK.  It's a privilege and a responsibility. THANK YOU for the confidence.

Sounds good!

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