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We have occasionally had members ask if there are needle lace teachers near them.  So I have created a new tab= SCHOOLS- above which will just be a list of bricks and morter places where needle lace classes are taught, such as the Alencon school, or places in Italy (there is at least 1).  Anyone who knows of any place, whether a museum, school, needle work shop that has a skilled needler lacer or teacher associated with it, please post a comment here with the exact address, phone number and proper name of the school.  Also try to find a contact name so interested persons know where to get additional information.  Please don't post something vague, but rather collect accurate detailed information, and then post it.  If you can tell us anything about the classes, when they start, how many weeks or months they run, that would also be helpful.  I will then add the information to the SCHOOLS tab.   I'm thinking of this not so much as a discussion place, but rather as a central storage place for that kind of information. 


We could also list the national lace organizations which usually have needle lace classes at their annual meetings.  It wouldn't be exactly like our EVENTS function, because it wouldn't list specific one time classes.  But it would give those wanting to learn a general idea of where to find a teacher. People  could then plan vacations in a particular part of the world where they could expect to find a teacher or class.  We would have to give enough information so that prospective students would know who to contact for more specific information.


Our members who are willing to teach either workshops for groups or private lessons, please post a note here.  Please specify whether you will offer workshops or private lessons.  You don't need to give your exact address or phone number, just enough geographical information so that people will  know if the trip is possible or the distance too great.  You can discuss details with interested parties through the email function on our site, and that is private.   (You have to "friend" a person before the email function works.)


Members who are looking for a private teacher or who are trying to set up a workshop can post a query here and our interested members can reply.

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I would think the tabs idea will be most convenient for those looking for information. Perhaps there could be a group as well for people to post information or ask for it? But if you have the time to set up the tabs thing that would be good!
Yes please! Anyone in Far North Queensland, Australia? Or coming this way? I would love to see some "real" lace in real life. The photos I've found on the internet are fantastic but I would still like to see some for myself.
I love the idea!
I like this idea. Anyone in Brisbane, Queensland?

Antonia and Debbie

Did you know that you can search NEEDLELACETALK'S members for geographical location?  So, for instance, if you want to find members at Brisbane, Australia, do this.


On the left, just before the names start, is a search box.

Click on ADVANCED SEARCH. It will take you to a new page.

At the COUNTRY slot, click on the down arrow, and select the country from the list. 

Then type in the city name in the city slot.  Instead you can type in a state, such as NSW.

Then go to the bottom of that page and click on SEARCH.

The program will give you a list of members who fit those criteria.  Maybe you can get together and work something out.????


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