Recently a question came up about searches on needlelacetalk. I thought it might be useful to explain how that works with the ning software

Suppose you are looking for Burano lace.

There are 2 ways to do a search that operates only on NLT.

1. PHOTO search. Go to PHOTOS. Look for the search slot on the left, just above the first photo. Type in       Burano            This search brings up every photo that has the word "Burano" typed in anywhere associated with that photo -- tags, title, description. The tag doesn't even have to exactly match, just so long as it contains the word "Burano".

2. Search our whole site, not just the photos.  Look at the top of your screen on any page in NLT. Look for the black bar. Near its right hand edge is a search slot that operates on everything in NLT -- member profiles, comments, discussions, photos, groups -- anywhere the word Burano appears. I got 12 pages of results. 


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