Silk Thread and Stablizer for Lace Patterns

Hello Everyone,
I received the lovely Basic and Intermediate Instructions booklet from the Lace Guild yesterday. I spent most of the day reading and reading. I have a couple of questions.

(1) in the Pink Flower Pattern I received from the Lace Guild it has a self-adhesive transparent plastic that you put over the lace pattern. I was surprised to see this. After I used this plastic in this pattern what do you all use here in the states to stabilize the lace pattern??

(2)While I was at the Lace Guild Website yesterday I discovered that Kay Dennis was a designer of Lace patterns. Well, within the last year or two I have bought all three of her books so I got them out and started reading them too. In the instructions she mentions 100/3 Silk Thread that Kay say she used for "filling Thread" in some of her laces. Does anyone else use this kind of silk thread and if so where do you buy it??
Thanks for the help Hugs Judy

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Hello Anne, Thanks a million for email me with all the answers to my questions. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy
you are welcome. i have now sent you the web sites I mentioned. Enjoy and drool over the colours.

Would you please post the info so we all can see? Someone else may want to look also.
Hello Lorelei,

Here is one the links Anne sent me. This is the silk threads that Anne uses. Lovely threads. Hugs Judy
Hello Everyone,

This is the kind of silk thread that Kay Dennis uses that Anne shared with me. Hugs judy
Judy said:
Hello Everyone,

Lorelei requested that I share Anne's reply to my questions above. Anne gave me permission to share this information with you all. I am sure all your more experience lace makers already know this. Hugs Judy

Hello Judy
Now your questions. The plastic film protects your pattern, it also means that your needle will slide over the pattern and not go through it. Needlelace that has gone through your support fabric is a real disaster. Historically the needlelacers in the past used architects fabric for this purpose. This was a fabric with a coating to accept drawing ink without wicking. It was used in architects drawing offices to do the fine drawing needed for architects plans. This is no longer used here in the United Kingdom and consequently it is no longer manufacturered. The plastic film that we use in our kits is a matt plastic which is in England used by bobbn lace makers but a plastic film used to protect books is just as good. Do your children use a plastic film to protect their school books in the States? I don't know but here it is relatively cheap. Sold on a roll in a stationers.
I went on a needlelace course in Italy last year. We were given a strong tracing paper which served the same purpose. We also were given a drawing paper to have as a support( no fabric at all) and a sharp needle. I must admit to having misgiving about it but it was surprisingly easy to use.
Hope this helps with the first question.

Yes, kay Dennis designs a number of our paterns for the Guild. I know her very well. She does some wonderful work. her books are really lovely and very informative. She uses Mulberry silk threads. They do have a web site. I will find out the address and send it too you. Silk is lovely to use once you have got a resonable tensiona nd can control your thread. I use Pearsel silk. Which I like because it is stranded and so you can mix shades and effect. Again I will send you their web site address.
I hope I have helped. If you have any more questions just let me know and I will answer the questions if I can.
Best wishes.
Thank you, Judy and Anne.
I know this thread started a few months back, but may I add that I have used Contac paper as the cover over a pattern, but last year in my class at convention we were given thin plastic over felt as our backing. The advantage to this was that a reverse of the drawing could be made on the back of the plastic and there is no chance of ink coming off onto the lace. You can buy this in the US from JoAnne Fabrics in various thicknesses in the home fabrics section, 54" wide, so a short piece goes a long way. I have decided I do not like using the felt as a backing because of all the fuzzies that seem to find their way into the lace. Took me hours to get them all off the orange flower I posted. My next piece of lace is on a fabric backing.
In the U.S. Walmart sells huge rolls of clear colorless contact film, usually in the area where closet supplies are displayed.
But I have a question: what cotton threads are comparable in size to the 100/3 silk that the Guild of Needle Laces booklet recommends?
Lorelei, if you want a thread in cotton that is comparable in size to Mulberry Silk 100/3, then there are two. They are Maderia Tanne/Cotona 30 and Presencia Finca Bolillos 40. I don't know if this helps or not. I did my first little leaf in Gutterman silk 100/3 but I personally found that the silk thread was a little hard to handle, especially when one is a novice, so I have reverted to larger cotton threads until I am a little more experienced.
Thanks Naomi
I'm going to work larger but I needed to know what size is supposed to work with their patterns, so I can figure out how much to enlarge the patterns. It is less precise than bobbin lace, but I still need to get closer to how big the stitches should be.
1) I use the clear contact over my patterns that is sometimes called Book covering if I am working coloured lace. I use the coloured contact over my pattern if I am working white lace. I need a contrast between pattern and thread. I prefer the jade green colour, if I can get it, but blue or purple is not bad. Both of them I can buy in the Supermarket amongst the stationery and pens, etc. They come in rolls about 45cm wide, and 1 to 2½ metres long here in Oz.

2)I use Guttermans silk thread on the blue reels (S 303), - it may be different to the 100/3 that Kay uses, but gutternmans thread works up very well in needlelace. Get it at your sewing shop.
Oh! I have just had a look at the websites, OH! Drool Drool, - those Gorgeous silks in the Mulberry Silks shop!!! What weight/thickness are they? "Medium and fine" don't tell me very much.

I don't know Kay's books. Please put a brief review here, so I can have an idea...!! (More books are Always on the shopping list!!! :) )

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