Haven't posted here for a long time. Haven't done any needle lace either for a long time. I've been busy raising two children!

Anyway, I learnt how to make a needle lace net years ago and I'm wondering if I can use this skill to make a climbing net out of rope for our kids at home? Crazy idea, but would it work? Thoughts?

Thanks :)

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It should work if the rope is strong enough, and the knots hold tight. You didn't specify what kind of needle lace you knew how to make, and some will lend themselves better to your project than others.
Several artists are using needle lace techniques for large installations that look like they are climbable....
If/when you do make it, be sure to post photos!

If the knotted net of filet lacis can serve as a fish net, it should also serve as a climbing net for children, given a strong enough rope and appropriate net size. That net can also make hammocks. Our FILET LACIS group has more info on that kind.


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