Did any sharp eyed person realise that I had photoed the wrong side of my 'Reticello' work? I did it in a hurry as I was giving it as a gift. didn't realise until I downloaded the photo that it was the WRONG side!! I hadn't the heart to ask for it back to re-do it! At least it looked reasonably tidy on the back, although parts of the design were missing! I hope to do better next time, I am waiting for the new book 'Herbarium', which I have ordered directly from Italy, so hope for some new inspiration! Wish me luck this time with the photo!!!

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I hadn't noticed, but in this very detailed photo I do see it. Ah well. It still is beautiful.

Hello Jean! I really appreciate your Reticello work! Eventhought it had been photed on the wrong side,  I can see that it is very well done! My compliments!


I really am annoyed about this,take my word that the right side looks much better!! The next one will be the right side!!

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