If any of our members comes across a photo of Alencon online, with enough detail to see the working method, please post a link here.  We already have some links from Phil among our comments.  I am hoping some of us may find some new links that we don't know about yet.  Distance photos and our-of-focus photos at best show only style and how the surface was divided between ground and motifs.  What we need is more photos close enough to tell what stitches were used.

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Here is a link to many close ups of Alencon.

Very interesting.  The lady who writes the blog does understand that just because something is called "Alencon" that doesn't necessarily mean that it is.  Only the 3rd photo on that page is clearly hand made Alencon (the work is in process).  Unfortunately, even the 1st and 2nd photos are not close up enough for certainty.  Alencon was a very fine delicate lace.  i would be surprised if it was ever made into tablecloths.

To our historically knowledgible members: what is the time period for Alencon, and was it made into tablecloths?


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