Hi fellow beginners. Has anyone any work in progress projects that you could post here please. It would be wonderful to see what everyone is working on. Please share some lace eye candy. I'm sure each and everyone of us will glean something from what is being produced and keep us all inspired. In anticipation ..

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I have a couple projects started but not finished. I'll post photos soon.

Hi   I have a couple or so projects started and really must get on with them.     The latest one is a 3-d poppy but I have only done half a petal so far.    This is the second time it has been started, the first time the petal was too big and the wrong colour red, I wanted a more orangy one which I sort of have.     Another design I am currently laying done the cordonnette for is a  design from a piece of wallpaper.   Again I ought to get on with it but time seems to be running away with me.    Will post photos as these designs progress a little more.

Hi Maureen, good to see you back online. Both your projects sound really intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing them in progress. Just returned from class where our tutor brought in a whole pile of pattern books which are free from copyright, up to ten items per occasion. There were masses of them and one in particular stands out - Ed Sibbett Jr Art Nouveau, Stained Glass Pattern Book.Dover Publications Inc New York. These are beautiful contemporary designs, well suited to our craft. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to detail the other books but will ask our tutor to do so for me and post them in the appropriate section. EBay here I come ......another expensive night ahead ...kind regards.
Just looked on web and this guy has produced so many books ... Amazon has copies of the above in kindle format too.
Coming to the end of the filling stitches now. I have to maintain emphasis on the open network, otherwise the cobweb would lose its definition.

hey Teri dear am back .. I have got two projects on hold due to my wedding and post wedding shifting of residence. would love to share it here as soon as any real progress happen as I have practically no time . :(


The orange stitches on the far right and far left are interesting. I'm eager to see it finished.

My own work in progress... I don't have pictures yet, but I am in the design stage for my next project.  I want to make a collar so I can wear my work!  It has two inspirations: Lorelei's bobbin lace pattern here, and Mary Verhaar's floral design here

About Lorelei's collar, I like the neat edging around it, and the way a few petals and leaves artfully overflow the edge.  I also intend to place my largest details at the nape of the neck and the front ends of the collar, as Lorelei does.  However, I want roses, and I like the way Mary drew the thorns and the way her flowers twine upwards, so I'm drawing ideas from her picture, too.  Thank you to both ladies for making their creativity available to share!  :) 

As for the actual working of it, I think I shall have to split it into three pieces, and join them when I do the final outline.  That must be addressed in the design stage.  And I intend to use the Alencon ground, because I like the look and want to learn it.  This will be a traditional-loking piece, I think. 

OOh, this sounds so exciting Karen......I'm pleased you are focusing on roses too, being over there in The city of roses. You'll have so much additional Information to further formulate your design when they come into bloom, though you might have to wait until May for the very first to appear. There will be so many components to take into consideration, but if anyone can produce a remarkable, stunning collar, it's you! Enjoy.
Lakshmi, good to see you have managed to get some time for yourself. I hope your geometric design is progressing the way you wish it to..It will come together with little bursts of activity I'm sure.


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