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Working Setup and Pillows

Here are some links to photos and videos of needle lace makers.  Some work in the hand, some use pillows of various shapes. bolster can be made out of… View »

Photos of Beginners' Work

Photos of beginner pieces: View »

Online Resources at Other Sites

Good online tutorials at other sites: The Guild of Needle Laces has just added a tutorial to their website.  It includes detailed instruction about how to lay the cordonnet:   http://w… View »

Patterns and Tutorials on This Site

1.  The simple rectangle bookmark is a good place to start.  Part 1  explains how to make the sandwich (the scaffold), how to couch the outline threads (cordonnet), and the 1st filling… View »

Supplies and Materials Needed

SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS NEEDED 1. sharps needle for couching the cordonnet/outline threads (Ordinary sewing needle medium size) 2. tapestry or blunt pointed needle for doing the lace filling stitches… View »

Recommended Books and Videos

RECOMMENDED BOOKS AND VIDEOS  Available from and they take Paypal. The Guild of Needle Laces, BASIC TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION BOOK, 8 1/4" x 5 3/4", 48 p… View »


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