Earlier this year I was talking to some needlelace beginners who described making needlelace as difficult, scary and a bit daunting.

As Chairman of the Guild I decided I ought to work a piece of needlelace for myself and try to understand some of their concerns .

 Although I have had the theory of making needlelace after some years, writing instructions and drawing stitch diagrams for the Guild of Needle Laces and for Kay’s students, I have actually never made a piece myself.

I decided I wanted to dive straight into working a design and not go down the route of working samples beforehand.

My first piece was the Mushrooms. I then wanted to make something a bit different and decided on making some birds. The Robin was my second piece followed by the Blue Tit.

I am now hooked. I spend most evenings working on my needlelace instead of falling asleep while watching the television and Kay shouting at me ‘why don’t you go to bed’.

I wrote about my experiences in the Guild of Needle Lace's latest magazine along with an article on how to lay a cordonnet.

I have posted photos of these pieces of work but do not know how to link them to this comment.

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I have a NOTE which explains how to add photos to a comment, or link to a photo.  Look at the gray bar. Click on NOTES.  Click on ALL NOTES.  Look for PHOTOS AND THE SOFTWARE.  Click on that.  There are 2 ways.  Paragraphs 2 and 3 explain how.

Michael, I am glad you put the photos up on the Photos page - then everyone has a chance to see them. when they are embedded in a group discussion they are only seen by those in the Group. that is Ok for partly worked pieces or diagrams to either help, or get help, but finished work need to be on the Photos page -- In my opinion!

Your work deserves to be seen by everyone.


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