This event will be from 10.a.m. to 4.p.m.  The AGM will take place at 10.15.a.m.   The entrance fee is £4.00 for the day.    Three workshops will be offered at a cost of £10.00 which includes all the materials to complete the project. They are Finishing Touches with Jane Rowton Lee, Decorated Cordonnets with Anni Lowery and Carrickmacross for Beginners with Carol Hughes.  There will be various taster sessions and an exhibition of various types of Needlelace on display, as well as an Advice clinic.  Demonstrations of various types of needlelace can be seen throughout the day.  Lace suppliers will be in attendance.     Please bring a packed lunch with you.  Further details can be found on the Society's website.    This is a new format for the event so please come along and support the Society

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Today has arrived at last - so excited at the prospect of seeing The exhibition and learning something new to use in the future. Thanks in advance to all those who have submitted pieces to make it a success.perhaps one day I will have the confidence, imagination and sufficient skill to do a challenge too.

Teri, You have enough knowledge and skill to give the Challenge a go.  That is why it is a challenge not a competition,. - so Everyone can work the design, and show it off.  You won't learn if you hide away!!!!!!!!!

Lucky you to be going to the AGM. Please look at everything twice - once for you and once for me!!!!!!  :)

I am positively Green with envy!!!!!!!!!! :)

Do please give us a full write-up as soon as you can, so we know what went on, and how the challenge and exhibition looked. Waiting for the next magazine is a long wait!!!!!!!! :)

Hi everyone. Yesterday was an incredible experience with something for everyone. The day was gloriously informal and this helped everyone feel at ease immediately. The venue was in a modern primary school with good parking and more importantly excellent light levels and an open kitchen for our favourite brew! Each of the three workshops were held in the same hall, which enabled us to see what everyone else was learning and gave much inspiration for future projects.

The exhibitions comprised of three tables, general work, the dragons and fantastical birds. One didn't know where to look first. I loved your reticella work liz and the piece worked in ecru. In fact this piece took centre stage! All the dragons were so different. One worked in white with two different backgrounds felt very much like amelia ars and this I found fascinating. I kept having to go back time and time again to view everything as my brain tends to hit a brick wall when faced with so much stimuli.

The highlight for me was meeting Catherine barley and actually seeing the Iris Umbrella, which is much smaller than one initially thinks. Our Carrick Macross workshop was led by an amazing lady, Carole Hughes, whose passion and enthusiasm enthralled us all. Knowing I'd bust my arm, she even did some work on my project at home to get me starting - a wonderfully kindhearted gesture and I felt very touched to receive my project with the words "the student with the broken arm".

More to follow shortly.
The event offered so many different facets that overall it was impossible to partake in everything. There was a stitch clinic, a newbi clinic, a demonstration on sol laces and Anne Weston was beavering away on an amelia ars piece. Threads were available to purchase and Kay Dennis introduced me to Paint Box threads. These are stunning cotton threads just slightly thicker than DMC 80 and I can hardly wait to track them down on the web - all basic colours with a great richness. Kay also had a fabulous selection of silk threads in baskets in the middle of her workshop table for sale. I swear they were talking to me saying "buy me.

The Guild has produced a new exciting booklet of stitches and, as always, it is well illustrated and good value for money at only £3.50.

All too soon our day was over. Anne Cannon and I had a super time. We've met some smashing like minded people and are already looking forward to the 2015 day. An incredible amount of work is required to put on such an event and I can only applaud their dedication. Committee - you did good!

Sounds like a wonderful event.

Hi Liz, thank you for the encouragement. It is true what you say about hiding away. The standard of the work produced was astonishing. There were no flaws anywhere to be seen, quite overwhelming really to a beginner. There was a piece of Alencon on display and it was of a simple geometric design but exquisitely worked. Unfortunately there were no entries on the new beginners section this year but, hopefully, people will submit work to encourage others in the future.

I am so glad you enjoyed the Guild visit.  I am sure you will have been inspired by it all, although it might have been overwhelming at the time.  Just let it "ferment" in your brain for a few days, and then various bits will emerge in a continuing flow, I am sure!  Just keep practicing, and you, too, will make lace flawlessly, too!!  We all started from the beginning.

Oh! so the 3rd book is out now. Thanks for that bit of information. I knew one was in the pipeline!!! (time to go shopping again!!!! :) )

I am glad you liked my Reticella piece.  It is a fun type of lace to play with.  Choose one n ice square, and when you put  the same square together 4 times, like I did, you will be surprised at the secondary pattern that evolves.  If you covered 3 of the squares in that blue piece - you would see what I started out with - just one rather ordinary square!  I did not send any ecru lace - just the blue reticella, 2 pictures, (a Gros Point motif mounted on Burgundy, and a Red flowering Gum  - a bunch of gum leaves, and red flowers) and 2 white mats - a round knotted lace mat, and a filet lace mat - a bouquet of flowers in a bit oval piece. It is featured on the cover of Margaret Morgan's book "Filet lace". Not all my laces may have been displayed. I just sent some over, with my Dragon, for them to use if they wished.

How nice that your piece was started for you, - that was very thoughtful and kind.


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