Hello experts, 

Here's a piece found in France. Here are my guesses (but I really don't know very much about lace as yet:) : I believe this piece is Italian needle lace but I'm not sure what kind exactly - Point Plat maybe ? - or from which period. However, I've found other finished pieces of similar dimensions (e.g. V & A) which are 17th C cravats. This one measures / 23.5" x 13.5". Could this be such a thing??? 

Thanking you in advance for any suggestions.


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This is beautiful, I'm sorry I'm not able to identify for you though. I'm still new to lacemaking.

Thanks Mandy.

This is is 3 strips. The center strip is needle lace. It could be Venetian, but I'm not sure. Also can't judge date. The 2 outer strips are what we call "mixed tape lace". There is a straight machine tape (or possibly bobbin made tape), folded and gathered when the tape changes direction. And needlelace stitches are worked in the empty spaces between tape segments. Everything I said about your ITALIAN NEEDLE LACE PIECE also applies here.

I think it unlikely that it was used as a cravat. Such a lace is worn directly under the face and all the paintings I have seen show a lace which is of the same type throughout. They didn't typically construct a cravat out of separate pieces made by different methods, at least as far as I know. We cannot know when your piece was cobbled together, or the age of the component parts. The only thing I can say for sure is that it is older than 1900.

I would like to hear what our other historical experts think about a possible date for these 2 needle lace segments, in this piece and the other one.


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