Hello! I’m new to this website and group and thank you for accepting my request. I have found some old doll clothes and other lace items from my great grandmother. She was an excellent seamstress and sews most of our clothes when I was little. I would like help identifying some of these items please.  I’m not sure if she made them herself. To help with timeframe, she was 20 years old in 1900. She lived to be 93 years old and still sewed!  I would help her thread the needle as well as her big magnifying glass she used. The lace I’m particularly interested in is on a doll’s wedding dress and veil. Thank you for any information. 

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This photo is not close up enough for any of us to give you an accurate identification. The most likely ID is machine lace, but I just can't see the detail. I did mention that we need to see the individual threads. Can you get your phone or camera closer to the lace? We need to see individual threads.  But it may be a machine imitation of needle lace. It is very doubtful that it is needle lace.

Thank you for your reply and information. I tried to get a clear, close-up photo. I hope this helps!

Yes. That is clear enough for an ID. It is a machine made lace,

Thank you so much for your help!  I appreciate your time. 

Lorelei Halley said:

Yes. That is clear enough for an ID. It is a machine made lace,


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