Hi, fellow lacers!

First post here. Greetings from the Crescent City! I'm primarily a tatter, but I've dabbled in some needle lace before.

I'm especially interested in oya/bebilla and the "floral" knotted lace styles, and I have a few questions.

On YouTube, I've seen videos of some lacers stitching a single knot, others a double one. Are the styles particular to a certain country? I'm also following along with the Figen Cakir book, and she does a double knot. 

I'm also one of The Few, The Proud, the Left Handers. Is there anything in particular I should/shouldn't be doing other than a mirror image of what a right hander would do, or does handedness (is that a word?) maka a difference? 


Hollie (as in Point, but that's a different group).

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Hi Lorelei.

I had a look last night—simply beautiful!

Lorelei Halley said:


Have you seen this album of oya flowers?   http://needlelacetalk.ning.com/photo/albums/oya3-flowers


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