I have been searching for an oya book for a while and it is either that they are unavailable, out of print or out of stock. my question to all our fine lacemakers out there is --- why not do your own digital book. I would be the first person to volunteer to digitize it as a free service.

It just seems so senseless that there are no patterns anywhere or books...

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Several of the books listed among our resources for oya are available from Holly Van Sciver.  Dickson, Odian, Tashjian.

http://www.vansciverbobbinlace.com/1Books.html#Needlelace  Also, be aware of copyright issues.

okey dokey...Im gonna search here for the book....

much thanks Lorelei

I learned knotted lace from the first Elena Dickson book, and then bought the 2nd book. Much the same beginners instructions in both books, but then they have different patterns - so between them there is Lots of lace to make!

I have since had an Advanced workshop with Elena which helped sort out a few problems I had,and took me on to some more difficult techniques (well, difficult to me!!!) but I was able to learn from scratch from her books very well.

I borrowed a different book from the library, but I must say I think the Dickson books are better for beginners. They stick to the simple beginners needs and don't go off at a tangent. Either book would get you well on the way to working excellent Knotted Lace.

I have found quite a few books available from Amazon Books, maybe you would like to try there.


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