I've had a small amount of experience doing Armenian needlelace, mostly just practice on the edges of ribbon, or handkerchiefs. I'd like to use it as an edging on a pair of cut off jeans. I've only done this with crochet before with good results. Anyone have any advice? I'm thinking I need to start by putting ti stitches pretty close together to avoid a lot of fraying, as I'm not going to hem the edge of the jeans. Any help would be great!

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I would think you would want to at least overcast the edge and turn it under once to make a nice lace edging on it.  Then you can work into the folded edge and space your stitches right for the lace look desired.  Choose a weight of crochet cotton that seems compatible with the denim of your jeans.  I would think a size 20 might be good, and it is available in lots of colors. 

where in the jeans?, bottom edge or pocket?

I cut off the edge of some jeans to make capris. I've done this to make shorts before, and added a few rows of single crochet stitches to the raw edge. They have turned out well through many washinggs. These jeans seem to ave a bot of lycra in them to give a bit of stretch. I don't want to be a quitter, but since I want to wear these soon because I thought they'd look cute with a pair of biker type ankle boots I bought, ( so 80's!) I have decided to do the crochet on them too since it's quick. I will work on another pair that is less stretchy when I have a bit more time.The edge doesn't show much, but for a non sewer like myself, it did the trick, and looked cute too. When I made some for my daughter & nieces when they were younger, I added extra rows so it would create a ruffle. I know it isn't needlelace, so I'm sorry if I broke any rules & strayed off subject.


Glad you got them done, even if you didn't use the needle lace.  Can you show them to us anyway?


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