Names of different kinds of oya

From Adele Rogers Recklies posted February3, 2011

Igne Oyalari/Needle Oya

Tig Oyalari/Crochet Oya

Boncuk Oyas /Bead Oya

Firkete Oyalar /shuttle Oya (note: tatted would actually be the English description)

Mekik Oyalar / Hairpin Oya

From Hatice, posted November 12, 2013

There are some corrections to be made:  
Firkete Oyalari= Hairpin Oya.
Mekik Oyalari= Tatted Oya..
Boncuk Oyalari= Bead Oya

From Hatice, 2/17/2014

There are actually 9 types of oya:

Needle Oya or Igne Oyasi
Crochet Oya or Tig Oyasi
Tatted Oya or Mekik Oyasi
Hairpin Oya (using a crochet hook) or Firkete Oyasi
Silk Cocoon Oya or Koza Oyasi
Wool Oya or Yun Oyasi
Wax Oya or Mum Oyasi
Bead Oya (both woven and with crochet hook) or Boncuk Oyasi
and Cloth Oya or Kumas Oyasi."


From Carolyn Wetzel posted February 2, 2011

Bibilla/Bebilla style Oya (Oya is a general term referring to the trim edging, while bebilla refers to the method of making it that uses a Mediterranean/Anatolian/Armenian/Turkish type of knot).

See also historical note by Gary Lind-Sinanian  

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