Could anyone tell me what thread should I use? Is sewing cotton too thin?

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I think on one of the links it said 

  • Which kind of thread is used for making the Pag lace?

The lace is made with the thread ljiljan 70 i perla. But, for color laces thinner thread is used."

We had discussions about appropriate thread size when Xiaojie joined us and several of us started working on this. If you go back through the Pag comments to December 2012 you will find that discussion. Or you could do a search on "Pag thread size".  See the black bar at the top of the page.

I have researched for many years, and found that Pag lace was made with DMC FIL A DENTELLE number 120 and number 150. But before world war II, they have used linen thread, very fine and thin, french linen thread. So, those doesn t egzist anymore. We can buy only DMC Fil a dentelle number 80. 

Pag womans make this lace with LJILJAN 70, and PERLA 100. 

I make lace with DMC cotton cordonnet number 80 or 100, or DMC FIL A DENTELLE 80. 


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