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For those who want to learn Pag--the Croatian needle lace-- or discuss its features and working methods.  The icon is from the lacecorner website, and used with their permission.

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Resources for Pag Needle Lace

To start, look for the black bar at the very top of the screen.  On its right hand edge is a search slot, for searches that operate on our network only.  Type in Pag and you will find the scattered discussions that have occurred before this Pag group was started.  This is the Lacemaking in Croatia video that has informed the world about Pag lace.  Only part of it is on true needle lace.  It also contains bobbin lace, filet lacis and sol lace.

The basic elements of Pag lace:

The lacecorner site, from which we got our Pag elements has disappeared from the internet. A great loss. 

This one shows the elements of Pag diagrammed:

This large site, in Croatian and English, has lots of photos 

and a page full of element symbols: 

The stitches with English names, by Linda Dumas


Go through the images in  these albums, one after another.  They show the basic steps to laying a skeleton and connecting the parts. We have no verbal instructions - language problem - but the photos in sequence show each step in the process. There are over 200 photos covering the new elements in 3 pieces of lace.

PAG NEEDLE LACE, Pattern 1   skeleton   1st circle    2nd circle    3rd circle    outer circle & ending

Here is the same information and sequence of photos, shown one after another, without moving from page to page.

PagLaceOne-pt1   scapi  skeleton

PagLaceOne-pt2   kolumbar, gusti dintel, flower - 1st ring

PagLaceOne-pt3   center ring, kolumbar, retki dintel, gusti dintel, zupcic (picots)

PagLaceOne-pt4   pogacica (diamond shapes)

PagLaceOne-pt5   Outer circle.Ending and cutting the lace free





This one shows some patterns from a pattern book.  They can be printed off if you stop the video.  We can use them for patterns, if we can figure out how to work them.


circle grid


This one is a slide show of several Pag mats: 

This set has about a dozen Pag needle laces towards the end:

Paska Cipka/Lace from Pag by Nerina Eckhel.  Available from Mary Chapman Bookseller.  Don't know the content, whether it is lessons or pictures or history.

This is a slide show including needle lace, filet lacis, bobbin lace made in Croatia: 


Do a google search on      Pag cipka    and    Paska cipka     Paška čipka

Discussion Forum

PagLaceOne-pt1-skeleton 9 Replies

This part explains how to lay down the skeleton of the lace -- the major circles and the spokes.These are Xiaojie's photographs. I just tried to make them easier to use, by putting them into a…Continue

Tags: paška čipka, Pag needle lace

Started by Lorelei Halley. Last reply by Lorelei Halley Apr 13.

Pag lace 3 Replies

Could anyone tell me what thread should I use? Is sewing cotton too thin?

Started by Maria. Last reply by Xiaojie Sep 12, 2016.


These are Xiaojie's photos, showing the sequence of work on center ring and picots.…Continue

Tags: paška čipka, Pag needle lace

Started by Lorelei Halley Sep 6, 2015.

PagLaceOne-pt2-1stRing 3 Replies

These sequential photos are the work of Xiaojie. I have just put them into a form which may be easier to use. This part shows how to make the kolumbar, gusti dintel, flower - 1st ring.…Continue

Tags: paška čipka, Pag needle lace

Started by Lorelei Halley. Last reply by Maxine Aug 29, 2015.

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Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti. on April 22, 2015 at 10:22pm

Nice to have you back with us, Xiaojie.  We missed you!

Please show us some of the lace you have made recently. We love to see the photos of your work.

Comment by Lorelei Halley on April 22, 2015 at 4:49pm


Yes, in 185/2 the 185 is the thread size, and the 2 is the number of plies/strands twisted together to make the thread. The higher the first number the thinner the thread.  The first number has to do with how many meters or yards there are in 1 kilo or 1 pound of thread. I suppose at present it is calculated in meters per kilo. But I don't know the exact formula.

If nobody will ship Bart & Francis to Croatia, did you also check about Brok? I do know that people use Cantu cotton for bobbin lace, so that also should work for needle lace.

Some possible sources in Germany. Near enough that shipping should not be a problem.

Egyptian cotton (used by bobbin lacers) 

This is aurifil's site. Their address bottom right hand corner, with website & phone. Their size 50 is considerably finer than cordonnet 100 or the old 150.

Comment by Linda Dumas on April 21, 2015 at 3:52pm

Hi Xiaojie,  please check out this site  she sells Bart & Francis (not sure exactly if she has what you want though) and she ships out of the country.  If this is not good, please advise and we can help you.

Comment by Xiaojie on April 21, 2015 at 3:45pm

I find out that Bart & Francis Not shipping to Croatia. If anybody want get my parcel in Belgium or Netherland, after my paying , I can pay with Visa directly to Bart, and put address of someone in these countries. The person then have to send parcel to Croatia and I will refund all tasks, please please. Help me needlelace friend, I will appreciate , thanks

Comment by Xiaojie on April 21, 2015 at 7:07am

I found the first number is thickness of thread, never mind, I decided buy Bart & Francis 

Comment by Xiaojie on April 21, 2015 at 4:54am

and what means this number 2, for example    180/2

180 is what?

2  means what?

Comment by Xiaojie on April 21, 2015 at 4:40am

Thank you Lorelei, I have just searched about Brok Egyptian and not sure what size to choose. Is the number 185/2 or 180/2 the finest?

Comment by Lorelei Halley on April 20, 2015 at 3:57pm

DMC used to have a cordonnet #150, but they discontinued that size more than 15 years ago. At present, as far as I know, #100 is the finest size for cordonnet.

However Aurifil mako cotton, a quilting thread, comes in #30 and #50. The #30 is close to cordonnet 100, the #50 is finer.  I have found several suppliers online. I think it is Italian, so the source is near you.  

There are also the Brok Egyptian cottons that bobbin lace makers use, and those come in very fine sizes.

Bart & Francis Egyptian cottons are also used by bobbin lace makers, and also come in fine sizes.

Brenda Paternoster's size equivalents

Comment by Xiaojie on April 20, 2015 at 3:17pm

I have an question, is there any thinner DMC cordonnet thread of number 100? I need thread just like cordonnet but cant find thinner of number 100, I am willing try make pag lace with finer thread, thanks

Comment by Maxine on March 19, 2015 at 9:27am

Gorgeous piece.


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