This week's self imposed challenge-
I'd like to practice by trying to create eyes. Has anyone come across closeups of photos? In the encyclopedia of needlework I saw a picot made with a bullion stitch. Would that work? If so, how would the following row be made under the bullion picot? I know I can skip stiches and create a hole, but I'd like the eyes to be a focal point of a cherub (that I have in mind in the future). I came across a photo that had a circle suspended by threads. Those could be eyes, but I don't know what stitch that is? Thoughts anyone?

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You could make couronnes for the eyes - suspending them by bars, - or just  twisted threads.

Couronnes can be as fat or skinny as you wish, decorated or not, - again as you wish.  I make Lots of them - and the fun part is doing the decorations, and trying to invent more elaborate decorations!!!!!


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