I am presently using a long straight tatting needle to make my Teneriffe lace. I know they no longer make the curved needle for this type lace. It was suggested to me that a beading needle would work. Has anyone tried this?

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I had not heard that a special needle was needed for this type of lace.  Photos I have seen of the work in process show what looks like an ordinary needle.  If your backing substance is cloth, then a blunt pointed tapestry needle might be advantageous.  I would think that the beading needle might restrict what thread sizes you can use to the very fine ones.  But I'm certainly not an expert on this kind of lace.

Has anybody heard of using a special needle for this?

The needle is not so special but needs to be blunt tipped so it doesn't cut/catch on the thread. I had originally bought the curved quilting needles but they are all point tipped.

I don't know what is a beading needle but Y use a needle that have a curved point (or tip?). I think it's not indispensable, but is more comfortable.


I have not tried it yet, but I know that Clover has a blunt, curved needle called a Huck needle which I have seen advertised as suitable for teneriffe lace. 
I will have to look into that as I had not seen it. It just might work. Thanks.

I bought my curved tip needles from http://lacis.com but to be honest, I haven't used them yet. I have used a blunt tipped needle like everyone else :)


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