Hello all.

I've been making those little medallions using the instruction from recommended books. However, I couldn't figure out how to connect them together. 

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I am not proficient in sol laces, but my understanding is that coral knot stitch is used to connect the wheels or squares into larger shapes.  But in Nanduti they also make little odd shaped bits to fill in the empty spots.  Are you familiar with Alexadra Stilwell's book? It is available as a free download (a gift of the author). I think she describes how to connect the bits in her book.  

It you go back to the opening page of our SOL LACES group, just under the group icon is a section titled SOME SOURCES OF INFORMATION. The first resource listed is a link to the site where you can obtain the download of her book.

We do have members with great experience in this form, and I hope they will see your question and give you more answers than I can.


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