Learning Teneriffe Lace using The Technique of Teneriffe Lace by Alexandra Stillwell

I am thinking that it would be fun to learn this lace using the above free book.  I am going to start with the design on page 37, DMC thread size 20, and the Teneriffe Wheel - Circle from Snowgoose.  I will post picutures and if anyone wants to join in, that would be great.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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Alex book is precious to teaches us how to do tenerife lace. I think that there is no other on like it about tenerife! She is great teacher ans a great person.  Much of what I do I have to thank Alex. 


Hi Ruth,  yes I am planning to use the round stitch round from Snowgoose.  I have something on it right now but will be done soon and then I will start.

what book........theirs a one page, contents but not the book what am I doing wrong



Here is the direct link to Alex's book on the ariz.edu site:  http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/books.html#S   When you click on PDF the download will start immediately.

Stillwell, Alexandra. The Technique of Teneriffe Lace, Charles T. Branford, Watertown, Mass , 1980, 149 pages. Note: with permission from the author. Posted May 20, 2009.File size 11.9MB PDF 

I need some help with something.  I am using the Teneriffe Wheel from Snowgoose.  It does not use pins but thread to hold the spokes.  I am having problems with tension.  The first part is ok, but as I work the motif, the thread of the spokes gets tighter and tighter.  I'm trying to really watch how tight I make the spokes in the first place and that has helped.  What I don't know is if I used pins instead if it would be better.  Can anyone comment?

I used pins and just pushed them all the way into my pillow after threading them. it worked for me so you might want to try it. It also sounds like a little too much pull tension when making the motif. Are you pulling those threads a little more than you need to?

I am not an expert in this type of lace, and tried only 2 small test samples.  But I would think that getting the thread base tight and even in tension would help keep the spokes consistent in tension.  In the diagram below the red thread is the base thread into which the spokes are laid.  I have shown it loose, but it should be made as tight as possible, I think.

Amber and Lorelei,  Sorry for my delay.  I will take both your suggestions and try it.  I just need to focus more when laying the threads.  thank you.


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