I'm interested to know whether anyone has tried using the above for needlelace and whether any disadvantages have been noted. Tx.

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Sulky thread is made by Guttermans, I think, and works up well. I did the Duck for the Guild of NL challenge the other year using that thread. Gutterman's silk (on the small blue reel) is good to work with too.  It is not slippery like the ?Pipers silk I used once - lovely sheen to it, but hard to keep the open stitches in place. they seemed to slither around!!!

Thanks Liz. I've just checked out your duck, simply stunning, and I particularly like the setting it is in and the reeds In the background.

I will definitely invest in some Sulky .I understand from Paula you have worked a clematis and frangipani, do you by any chance have photos of these to view please?

I have also used Sulky cotton quilting threads for needle lace, and I like it a lot. Comes in beautiful colors.

I worked a Kreinik blending filament in with the Sulky thread for part of the duck, to give a bit of a sparkle, but it does not show in the photo.  The background was a bit of wallpaper, and I did a couple of reeds in needlelace to cover a couple of the wallpaper ones - just traced over the outlines, and worked them on a pad as usual, then transferred them back!

I will add a photo of the flowers (to the photo section) - but they were worked in 80 crochet cotton - as a sample for changing colours slowly, not in a sharp line.

I've been trialling a new thread which I recently purchased at the Solihull Fayre -'Chameleon Thread', Hand dyed in Africa, Perle 12. The base is a DMC unbleached mercerised cotton which is then dyed in small batches. It is a six strand cotton which cannot be separated. I'm pleased with the way it is stitching up. All the colours I have seen are variegated and are supplied in small hanks.

Post a picture, Teri, of your working with this thread. I am interested in seeing how it comes up.

Hi Liz, I'm Just coming to the end of my little project, so hopefully tomorrow I will finish the final section of cordonette and get a picture posted. Fingers crossed.


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