I had never heard of this product until I read a post by Yolande. My curiousity led me to order a few skeins from a lafy on Etsy. The thread is gorgeous. Lustrous beyond belief and supple in the hand. Comes in about 60 colors. Am I the ladt to know about this thread? Also some shades also come in #8 and #5? Love the look of reticello on 40 and 46 ct linen using this thread. Delicate beyond belief.

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Hello Kathy,

Retors d'Alsace by DMC is sold in # 5 # 8 an # 12 in different coulours. It is sold in skeins of 20 grams.Gorgeous thread, produced by DMC France and sold mainly in Italy.

However, there is also Anchor Ritorto Fiorentino sold in # 8 an # 12, in skeins of 45 gr, gorgeous thread, beautiful colours... and less expensive. A skein of # 8 gives contains 350 m and a skein of # 12 measures 550 m of lovely thread.

Both of these threads are sold in Italy, so I normally buy them from

Casa Cenina   http://www.casacenina.fr/broderie/fils.html


 Tombolo e Disegni   http://www.tombolodisegni.it/ritorto.htm

I hope this has been of some help.



Kathy and Yolande

Thanks for telling us about this thread. It looks wonderful. Unfortunately Mary Corbett of Needlen'thread says DMC has no plans to release it in north America. I checked the internet and found French and Italian sources, and one British.

I assume that the Retors #12 would be comparable in size to pearl #12. Perhaps DMC doesn't want the retors to compete with their own pearl 12. It would result in lowering market demand for their pearl 12.  I do have the impression that embroidery and needle work are less frequently practiced in north America than in Europe.  grrrh

No, you aren't the last to know about this thread - I am!  LOL!  Can you share a photo of some of the finished lace made using it?


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