I just saw some lace posted on eBay - Item number:220722897920  - listed as Youghal. What do you folks think? What features say "Youghal" to you?



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Here's the url:



I don't know enough about Youghal to know if this is.  But it is interesting.  Virtually all the flower petals in corded bh have 4 hole buds.  And all the design parts has that ruffled edging -- I don't know what to call it.  Perhaps made of twisted stitches or is it made with knotted bh?

I have just got out my little soft-cover book "Youghal Lace - the craft & the cream" by Pat Earnshaw, and on page46 at the top there is a circular mat with the same sort of ground as this ebay piece.


It certainly looks very different.


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