I wish to remind our members to stay on topic, which is true needlelace.  This applies to photos as well.  Photos of  true needlelace that you have made, or antique pieces in your collection, are welcome.    It is certainly true that many of our members have interests outside true needlelace and would enjoy seeing your work in other kinds of lace.  But these photos of other kinds of lace should not be posted here.  It would be appropriate to post them on your website, blog or photo sharing site, and then post a link to them on your profile page or in our LINKS group. 

If there is something you have posted on your blog or website that you particularly want us to know about you can post a note and link once in an appropriate place, and those interested will follow through.  Please don't post multiple comments about the same thing. 

It is not appropriate to use NEEDLELACETALK as a vehicle for advertizing.  But it is appropriate to tell us if you have posted information or tutorials about our subject matter on your blog or website.  If you write books on our subject matter, it is appropriate to state that on your profile page, and to provide a link (on your profile page) to the website where they can be ordered.  I have now added a slot on everybody's profile where you can paste that link.  Also tell us if you have contributed articles to a lace periodical.  We want to know about your contributions to the world of needle lace, and lace in general.  There is a difference between posting useful information and advertizing.

Also please make sure that your photos are in focus.  If we can't see how the piece was made, posting its photo is pointless. 

Also, we must respect copyright.  This means no pages from books or photos from books (unless you wrote the book), no pages or articles from magazines, no postcards.  It also means do not post images from some other website on the net.  Instead post a link to that website or page.  It is my intention that everything we post should be original content, not content copied from somewhere else.  I see NEEDLELACETALK as adding something to the world that wasn't there before.  It is not for duplicating pre-existing content.

We want this discussion network to have a positive atmosphere, motivated by helpfulness and good will.  Courtesy and respect towards all other members all the time is expected and required

Photos which are not on topic will be deleted, as will photos copied from another website, or which are very poor quality, or which violate copyright.  Members who cannot be courteous all the time will be deleted.

Lorelei Halley

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