A few months after we started in February of 2010 we learned that our host, ning, was going to start charging a hosting fee.  We chose to remain with ning and use Plan 2.  This was made possible by the generosity of our members who made sufficient donations to pay for our first year.  I have left this comparison posted so new members can see why we made that choice.    This year again we will have to pay the hosting fee some time during July.  I have not yet received a notice from ning about the fee.  It was $200 for last year, and I expect it to be about the same this year (but I won't be certain until I receive ning's invoice).  Once again I am asking for member donations.  I have already received some.


Ning's new plan 1:

$2.95/month for whole group - $19.95/year

150 member maximum

no groups

no notes (useful for me to explain things in a general way)

no events (may not be a loss)

may not be able to upload videos directly or view existing videos (I don't understand this part)

1gb storage = 1000mb

non-members can view everything, but not comment

can put photos into comment box

Next higher ning plan 2

$19.95/month or $199.95/year

keep all our current features

10gb storage

We now have an anonymous donor who has offered to match funds up to $100, ie. She will pay half the cost if the rest is filled in by others. This means that only two people have to donate $50, or four people $25 or 10 people $10.  She is not offering to do this every year. "A lot can happen in a year. Ning might get cheaper. Socialogo might start charging, causing another migration. The group may swell to a 1000 members. Who knows".


google group

totally free

photo storage limit 100 mb (we have 9 photos up are are already using 2% of our allotment)

However I could set up a flickr account for us and move our older photo files there myself, manually.

If your browser allows you to keep more than one tab (one web page) open at a time, you could open one on the photo list and one on the discussion.

This would make it easier to discuss specific photos. Internet Explorer allows this. I don't know about other browsers.

the software allows non-members to view everything, but only members can comment, upload photos.

no groups

I don't know if videos could be added as files, but they would eat up storage very fast. Videos could be stored on our flickr page

I could set up a flickr account and give all our members the name and password to use to add photos to it directly.

can't put photos into comment box


yahoo group

totally free

If we restrict membership to approval only, then non-members cannot view photos or discussions.

If we allow non-members to view photos then anybody can join without moderator approval and we will get spammers and junk.

no groups

does allow files to be uploaded (this could serve for general information, like the notes on ning)

photos - don't know limit on storage, I don't think it is an issue. Other groups have lots of photos.

Photos are right there in the group and easy to access.

doesn't allow videos

we could store videos on flickr page

can't put photo into comment box


socialgo network

free forever (they say)

allows photo and videos on site.  The only way to enlarge a photo is to enlarge the whole page.  There is no way to click and get a more detailed image than what their space allows.

1gb storage = 1000 mb

We can put photos into comment box, Lenore figured it out.


non-members can see photos, at least thumbnails, and can see discussions

each group can have its own set of photos, but the photos can't be moved around from the group to the general storage area and vice versa

generally comparable to ning


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