1. FORUM: Any needlelacetalk member can start a discussion topic in FORUM, and any member can comment.  This area is for discussions which might be of interest to all members, general discussions.

The GROUPS tab is for members with specific interests to comment and ask questions about them, such as, puncetto, oya, beginners who need help, Venetian gros point, reticello, or designing modern needlelace.  Any member can start a group, any member can join a group, but you have to join before you can post comments. (That's just the way the software works, I can't change it.) 

Joining a group is easy:  click GROUPS, click the name of the group, click +JOIN GROUP, and you are in.  To start a group, click GROUPS, click +ADD A GROUP, give it a name etc.

Once you are inside a GROUP there is a DISCUSSION FORUM for that group.  You can only find that collection of discussions when you are in that group's section.   The DISCUSSION FORUM within a group is for discussions specifically pertinent to the subject matter of that group. These are not duplicates of the discussions in the FORUM tab.  DISCUSSIONS in the FORUM tab can be accessed from any page in our network.  DISCUSSIONS in a particular group can only be accessed from inside that group.  Anyone can view discussions and comments,  but only group members can post comments.  

GROUPS VS FORUM:  Under the GROUPS tab you must be a member of that group to comment and ask questions.  The FORUMS tab allows any needlelacetalk member to participate. 

2. PHOTOS: See the 2 separate NOTES on photos, PHOTOS AND THE SOFTWARE and PHOTO POLICIES.

3. YOUR PROFILE PAGE: You are welcome to post links to your personal website, blog or photo sharing site where images of your lace or other textile crafts may be seen (such as flickr, facebook, etc) on your profile page.   You can customize your profile page.  Look in the upper right hand corner for a box with your name on it.  Click on "settings".  You can decide if you want an email to tell you any time anyone posts something on our site, or you can specify which kinds of things you want emails about (or none at all).  You can choose what level of privacy you want for photos, etc. 

From SETTINGS you can edit anything on your profile that you typed when you first joined: update website name, or the url of a photo sharing site, answers to profile questions.  If you are willing to teach needle lace, either privately or to groups, be sure to tick the "teach needle lace" box under "skill level".  Also be sure to give a geographical location so people can judge whether you live within driving distance.  Then our members can use the MEMBERS SEARCH function to get a list of teachers near them.  Non-members cannot see our membership list.

If you are concerned about security issues, there are things you can do.  You do not need to use your real name: you can use just your first name, or a nickname.  Although I ask for your location, you do not need to be exact.  You can put in the name of a large city near you, rather than your exact address. A geographical location allows our members to search the member list for teachers or other members in their same region.  Your real email address has never and will never be visible to other members or to the public.  Only the administrator can see it (me).  While it is possible to set the privacy level on your photos so that only your "friends" can see them, I hope you will set it so they are public.  Members can only comment on or praise your work if they can see it.  And all the lace we make is what draws new members to us, and educates the world about needlelace.  

Although the software asks for your birthdate, you can decide whether you want this information visible to the public or not.

4. The EVENTS tab is for members to post exhibitions which are expected to contain needle lace, for teachers to post needle lace workshops they are giving to groups, notices about local guild needle lace workshops.  Any member can post an event.  I think it appropriate to post any event, worldwide, that will involve needlelace.  This is to let our members from many nations to know what is going on near them, or that others might like to visit.

5. TO CONTACT MEMBERS:  Clicking on a member's icon or name will take you to their profile page.  Then you can post a comment on their comment wall.  To send a private message to a member you must first "friend" them, and have the friend reciprocate.  Then you can send an email to that person.  Sending an email only works with "friends" or with me as administrator.  What this software calls a "message" is actually a private email that only you and the recipient can see.

6. SEARCH:   You can search Needle Lace Talk for members who have mentioned some particular  form on their profile, or discussions where these words have occurred. Look at the black bar above the NEEDLE LACE TALK title. The upper right hand corner has a search box that operates only on our network. For instance, I typed in OYA and got a list of people who mentionned it in their profile or a comment, anywhere in our network. Find each other, talk to each other, start a group.

7. Did you know that you can search NEEDLELACETALK'S members for geographical location?  So, for instance, if you want to find members at Brisbane, Australia, do this.


On the left, just before the names start, is a search box.

Click on ADVANCED SEARCH. It will take you to a new page.

At the COUNTRY slot, click on the down arrow, and select the country from the list. 

Then type in the city name in the city slot.  Instead you can type in a state, such as NSW.

Then go to the bottom of that page and click on SEARCH.

The program will give you a list of members who fit those criteria.  Maybe you can get together and work something out.????

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