You can post them to our PHOTOS directly.  However I will delete any photos which don't fall within the guidelines

1. Photos will be deleted if:

a. they are not true needlelace (embroidered reticella, filet lacis and tenerife are acceptable)

b. they are photos or pages from a book or magazine (unless you wrote the book).

c. they are copied from another website (post a link instead of copying the photo) -- unless it is your website and your original photo.

d. The photo is out of focus or such poor quality that we can't see how it is made.  (If we can't see the stitches, there is no point in posting the photo.)

e. If the image is more than 50% background I may delete the photo and ask you to crop it first and then re-post it.

2. Keep photos on topic, which is true needlelace. Photos of true needlelace that you have made, or antique pieces in your collection, or from friends who have given permission for their photos to be used, are welcome. It is certainly true that many of our members have interests outside true needlelace and would enjoy seeing your work in other kinds of lace. But these photos of other kinds of lace should not be posted here. It would be appropriate to post them on your website, blog or photo sharing site, and then post a link to them on your profile page or in our LINKS group. Also please make sure that your photos are in focus. If we can't see how the piece was made, posting its photo is pointless. Please crop out as much background as possible (it takes up space and we do have a storage limit). Don't post duplicate photos or multiple copies. A shot of the whole thing, plus some detail shots is appropriate.

3. Also, we must respect copyright. This means no pages or photos from books published 1924 or more recently (unless you wrote the book), no pages or articles from magazines, no postcards. It also means do not post images from some other website on the net. Instead post a link to that website or page. It is my intention that everything we post should be original content, not content copied from somewhere else.

4. Photos which are not on topic will be deleted, as will photos copied from another website, or which are very poor quality, or which violate copyright.  The only factors that will cause deletion are: is it needlelace, is it in focus so we can see how it was made, and does it violate copyright.


5. Sizes of photo files.
Try to keep photo file sizes in the range 500-800kb, but 1-2 mb is acceptable when really fine detail is necessary to make the photo useful.   If you have a photo which is very large, say 1 mb or more, please crop out as much background as possible.

Let me explain. There is no absolute reason for not posting large files: it is just a practical reason. The larger the file, the longer it takes to fall onto your computer screen. Not everyone has super fast internet connections. This means that people with slower speeds will click on an image and see nothing happening. They will give up in disgust and think nothing is there. But the real problem is that there is so much there that it is taking 2 or 3 minutes, or longer, for the image to assemble itself. A 2 mb file can take as long as 10 minutes to download with dialup internet service. But if a large file of 2 mb is broken up into 4 segments, each file is then 500 kb and quite manageable.

If you were to do this, you would break up the large file by cropping and then saving the segment under a new filename. Then go back to the original image, crop it again, in different places, and save THAT new version under another new filename, etc. You would end up with 5 files: the original 2mb file, plus 4 segments of approx 500 kb each.

We are still far away from our storage limit. But when we approach it I will have to start deleting things, or asking you all to do that. Please remember that background takes up as much storage space as lace does, so please crop out as much background as you can.

Whether you use a computer scanner or a digital camera, you can tell the device how much detail you want it to record. Both of them usually give you a PRESCAN or PREVIEW function which tells you what the lens can see and you can then tell it what is the part you want it to record. The prescan does not make a permanent record of the image. The PRESCAN also usually gives you the resulting file size. When you see what that is you can increase or decrease the resolution to get something in a reasonable range for your purpose. Once you have that settled, you do the scan or shoot the photo so the device permanently records the image.
Ideally, give us one image at moderate resolution, which has the whole object. And then add 1-4 detail shots at higher resolution so we can see the stitches and how it was made.

6. Some time early in January of 2011 ning changed how the software works. Now if you upload a photo into a comment box the software creates a very large thumbnail that fits into the comment column. But it actually saves the whole file and the image does match your original photo file. When a viewer clicks on the image in your comment, the software shows you the whole original file with all its detail. It is possible to create links in other parts of our site to this photo.

7. I still do prefer that you upload your image to PHOTOS. The reason is that they will be easier to find in the future, and they can be collected into ALBUMS without duplicating the file. You can then use the link function to your comment box. If you post the photo directly into a comment box, it does not appear among our PHOTOS, and the only way to find it is so search backward through all the pages of comments in the group where you originally posted it (if you can remember).

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