The issue of copyright has come up twice recently regarding posting pages from books or magazines on our website.  Today I checked American law --  -- and found that for works published after 1978 the term of copyright is 95 years.  Because this group is based in the U.S. we must follow that law.  It is true that prior to 1978 the copyright law was more lax.  But after 1978 the laws were revised and made much more stringent.   discusses the issue of time duration of copyright.  Anything which had a copyright valid in1977, but no longer in 1978 no longer has protection.    Therefore we must not post anything published after1923.  For works published on or after 1978 the term is lifetime of the author plus 70 years.  Even if the works are published in some other country I am convinced that our best policy is to follow American law.

We have several members who are authors of lacemaking books or internationaly known teachers who give workshops.  If we are sloppy about respecting the copyrights of people we don't know, what are our teacher and author friends going to think?  Do they have reason to think that we will be equally sloppy with their copyrights regarding their patterns and books?

I know that copyright restrictions can be very frustrating especially when we are so desperate for information on rare forms of needlelace, but there are good reasons for respecting copyrights.

Last updated by Lorelei Halley Feb 18, 2011.

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