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I checked and I have a photo of my previous home done in needle lace if you look at my album Janice Blair. I just posted a couple of other needlelace pieces of mine worked in 2019 for the county fair.

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Sending a book from Australia

I will go to the PO on Monday to find out the cost of sending to the USA and the UK.

It will be quite a bit I imagine.

The current supply have been in isolation and I will wrap the book in several layers of plastic and paper

before putting into the mailing bag so the book will be quite safe for you.

I live in a semi rural area and so far the area has been untouched by this Virus so I know at least I am not sending

any nasties out into the…


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Re-visiting Needlelace

I haven't been in Needlelace Talk for a long time and I have forgotten where to go and what

to do. Anyway here goes... I have since written the Aemilia Ars book which looks quite nice as

it is A4 size and nice and glossy. $40 Australian but I don't know how much for overseas postage.

For any genuine buyers I can go to the PO and find out.

I am the Carer for a very sick frail husband and things are difficult at times.

I have another book called…


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IOLI needlelace article

My first article as IOLI Needlelace editor has just come out and I'm working on the second, followup one.  Please let me know if you have any comments. Thanks!

Laurie Waters

Added by Laurie Waters on October 17, 2018 at 8:08am — 1 Comment

Donations 2018

Hello Everybody  

It is that time of year again and I must ask you all for contributions towards our hosting fee to ning, which is due this month. Their fee continues to be $240 American dollars. Any donation of any size, small or large, is welcome. I have a paypal account, and you can make a deposit into my account by using my personal email address as the destination for your donation. If there are currency issues, paypal will handle the currency conversion (for a small fee, which I…


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Our members have been quite during the last half of 2017. I hope we have more projects and experiments in mind for 2018. What would you all like to see us do?


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Finally Finished...

Or "How I learned a lot"

I had made the…


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Thank you for accepting me in your group. I am going to work needle lace with the tutorials and I will show you the result. Those tutorials are very well done.

Thank you for accepting me in your group. I am going to work needle lace with the tutorials and I will show you the result. Those tutorials are very well done.


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Broche fruits

Hi All, Bonjour à tous, Buon giorno a tutti,

If you are in Paris on February 2-5, 2017, I will be teaching this Venetian needle lace creation at the Textile art show  "Salon de l'Aiguille". It is a pin with small fruits, including strawberry, apple, and lemon: it has several Burano and Venice needle lace points and stitches, including punto tondo (point mignon), my…


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Pag Lacemaking - learnings and questions

I couldn't stand just working on 1 piece of Pag lace, so I have started an additional piece.  The more I do of the lace, the more I am learning.  That is the best part.

Learning tightness: it seems to me that there is a difference between the tightness one needs for laying the cordonnet for Pag lace vs. other needle laces.  I don't have a great deal of experience with lots of other needle laces, so I could be wrong on that.  What I do know, is that for Pag lace, the cordonnet needs to…


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Pag lace: info on OIDFA Pag Lace class

Here is the information about the OIDFA class for paska cipka:


Location: Ljubljana

Tutor: Nedjeljka Uros, President of Society of Pag lace makers

The needle lace from island Pag in Croatia can find its origin among the accomplishment of the textile handicraft of the eastern Mediterranean area. One of the basic decorative forms of the original Pag lace is reticella. The women from…


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Pag lace

I have been thinking and doing a lot of Pag lace recently.  Before I wrote this, I looked up at comments on Pag lace.  No, it is not easy to learn Pag lace.  While I understand and respect that this is intellectual property of the people of Pag, I just want to learn how to make this beautiful lace.  I do not want to profit in any way or take anything away from the wonderful people in Pag.   Every since the first time I watched the video put out by Unesco and saw the women making this lace, I…


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Best to just dive right in....

It's been a long time since I worked on any lace.  Actually, almost since I posted my last blog post.  I have found that life just seems to get busy on me, and I get distracted with other art projects, commissions, and work. I was feeling particularly rotten the other day and just wanted to work on something for me, so I picked up this…


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Messages from the Administrator

Happy New Year, Everybody.  May your threads never break.

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A very Happy New Year to all at Needle lace talk. How lucky we all are to be able to converse with one another across lands & oceans  across the world. Keep making lace for 2016.

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switching isp

Today I am switching to a different internet service provider. If t  here are glitches I may go silent for some time, until it gets straightened out. Just so you know.  The prospect freaks me out.

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Filet Lace Tablecloth

Back in the 1990, my mom was browsing in an antique shop in a small town in MD.  She saw this tablecloth, but it…


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so, sorry 4not sharing a post yet-- been in hospitl

so, sorry 4not sharing a post yet-- been in hospitl


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My Irish Crocheted shawl.

I have uploaded two photos of my Irish Crocheted shawl on LACEIOLI if anyone wishes to view it.

Hopefully this link will get you there!

If it doesn't work just copy & paste it.

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