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Lace Patterns

Found this site on Picasa tonight. Some INTERNATIONAL OLD LACE magazines (English) and other laces. A book on care and mounting laces.


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My Engagement and Wedding!!!

hey dears!!

my dear lacemaker

first am so sorry for being MIA for so long..

I am gonna get engaged on January 23rd and am gonna get married on February 17th :)

Love you all

am so glad to share it with you all..

Once the invites are printed will upload the scan of the wedding Invitation here..

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Free Printable Paper

I stumbled into this site today and thought I would share with everyone. You can down load to a PDF or JPG to your computer. Some of these papers are nice to create patterns from.


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Pag Lace - October 11 2013 Yes, I'm still here

Hello all my Pag lace friends,

I bet you were wondering where I was.  Well I got bad news at work and my job is being outsourced and when I wasn't thinking about that, I have been knitting/crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.  But thankfully, I'm in a better lacing place now.  I will be working on the sample this weekend and hopefully my husband can upload them first of the week.

I hope you are all well.


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Pag Lace - September 28 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  As you can see, I added more pictures to the sample that I'm making left handed.  I will be posting more in a few days.

Also, as you probably saw my post of Margaret Stephens' design.  What fun.  I look forward to more "non traditional" designs as well as continuing with the "traditional" designs.  The more Pag type lace I do, the more that I want to do.


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Pag Lace - September 17 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  It would be very helpful to me if those of you that are using my pictures for instruction that 1.  you would let me know that you are, and 2.  if you are, are they helpful.  Is it a problem that they are left handed?

thanks, Linda

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Lace Convention in Adelaide 18-20 July 2014

I heard that there is a lace convention in Adelaide next year. So far, I cannot find any program yet.

I would like to hear more about it. Any comments?

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Pag Lace - September 10 2013

Hello my Pag Lace friends,  I am quite excited today.  I have completed my test Pag Lace project one.  Please don't look at the stitches too closely.  It was the concept I was going for.  I already have learned a lot from it.  I have also started a new Photo album where I will do project one in yarn (this time cotton and lighter) and photogragh the progress so that you can see how it is made.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Pag Lace - September 3, 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends...

I just wanted to stop in and tell you what I'm up to.  Yes, I'm still actively working on teaching materials.  What I am up to now is I am currently making a very very large version of the project I posted and I'm using yarn.  I learned this from Sylvia my teacher for Romanian Point Lace.  I will be posting a picture in a couple of days.  Then I will be able to make it again taking pictures along the way so everyone can see.   These will follow along…


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Pag Lace - status

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  I have been busy working on a list of stitches that will be used in the first project.  I will be adding them to the diagrams that I have created.  Please be patient and know that I'm busy getting more info out there.  Any questions, just ask.

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Pag Lace - the journey begins

Hello all my Pag Lace friends.  I am trying to get out to you something that you can follow to make this wonderful lace.  I have started today with the following:

1.  I have copied from the different stitches.  What my intention for that photo album is to add directions on to each stitch. 

2.  I have had questions on my lace pillow.  I added an album to show the steps that I followed to make my lace pillow.  It doesn't really matter what kind of pillow you use,…


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SLC - final installment

So it is a week later.  I'm home and have caught up on my sleep.  It is now time for me to really know that it is all over.  So I thought I would put down my final thoughts:

I would say that the highlight of my week is being with wonderful people who really get me...because they are just like me.  Who in your everyday life would be excited about a new way to make a lace stitch?  You won't see it on the news, you won't read it in the papers, but to you and me, it is a big…


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SLC - installment 7

The friday night banquet.... we had a ticket for a surprize gift.  what was it going to be?  It was a wooden bobbin stand.  I'm so sorry, I don't know who gave it to us.  Maybe someone can update me so I can say who.  I didn't keep mine.  I have one and my friend's sister didn't have one, so I gave mine to her.  It was a wonderful gift though.

Everyone was dressed in their fine attire.  Lace and all.  Another gift was the centerpiece.  It was 3 wire mesh bells with things underneath. …


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SLC - installment 6

We are up to wednesday night.    At 6:00 there was a lecture from Ulrike Voelcker which was very entertaining and informative.  It was all about a Lace that she discovered that was previously not known by the lace world.  The funny part was that she took her dog and she took lots of pictures of the dog.  She is a good speaker.

then the Shuttle Brothers were entertaining us with the Tat Off.  I've never seen anyone tat with rope before.  They were very funny.   And they had a tatting…


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SLC - installment 5

Monday night was the Teacher's showcase.  The big ballroom was used so there was plenty of room for everyone.  Of course, this was wonderful.  The only downside is that you see even more lace that you want to learn.  (not a bad thing).

Tuesday lunch was wonderful.  Once again, the lunch itself was good and it was nice to gather with friends.  There were more gifts given out.

Tuesday night was the annual meeting.  This went well.  The big thing was the reveal of the new logo…


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SLC - installment 4 - Sunday

Sunday morning started registration.  That was very organized.  I got my bag and there were lots of goodies in there.  A container of salt(because of salt lake city), pens, pencils, a little square that was embroideried all around that when used helped to grab a needle, candy (salt water taffy), needle threader, and well I don't know what you call it, it is a cloth that you soak in water and put around your neck when it is hot, and lots of other things that I can't remember. 



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SLC - installment 3 - my afternoon class

Here I am again.  My afternoon class MTTF was

P218 Venetian Needlelace (Bart Elwell)

This lace is often made up of stylized images, which have outlines that are

emphasized by high relief padding. It is created completely with needle and

thread upon a temporary foundation. There are many aspects of this lace that

make it a desirable technique. Most of the stitches are simple variations of the

buttonhole stitch. It can easily be carried along and…


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SLC - installment 2 - my morning class

Let's talk about my first class.  It was MTTF AM. 

A120 Romanian Point (Sylvia Murariu)

Peaceful Dove design. A dove draws a smile whenever we see one, for it is a

symbol of hope, peace and love. The Romanian Point Lace dove was created to

stimulate these positive feelings. It makes a wonderful ornament, to hang in the

window or on a tree. It can also be used as an elegant embellishment for a fancy

dress or jacket. Design size 8 and 3/4 by 5 and 1/2…


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SLC - installment 1 - the hotel

It was the best time I've ever had.  Between the classes, the beautiful mountains, and the wonderful women I met, it was the best time ever!

It was held at the Sheraton Hotel.  What I liked most about the hotel was the lobby space.  There was so many places to sit and talk with folks.  And some wonderful chairs that rocked.  I found myself there after classes, tired and it was nice to sit in them and rock.

As an east coast girl only drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, drinking…


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both sides?

When it says that both sides have to "look the same", for the skeleton, how do I get the 4 threads on the back?

I am following as best I can, the slideshow, but I am confused also about how many threads there are, is there the one thread on the needle (doubled) and the four other pieces (all one piece) separate from the needle thread?

Thanks in advance.

Added by charline watz on March 19, 2013 at 4:18pm — 1 Comment

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