September 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Pag Lace - September 28 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  As you can see, I added more pictures to the sample that I'm making left handed.  I will be posting more in a few days.

Also, as you probably saw my post of Margaret Stephens' design.  What fun.  I look forward to more "non traditional" designs as well as continuing with the "traditional" designs.  The more Pag type lace I do, the more that I want to do.


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Pag Lace - September 17 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  It would be very helpful to me if those of you that are using my pictures for instruction that 1.  you would let me know that you are, and 2.  if you are, are they helpful.  Is it a problem that they are left handed?

thanks, Linda

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Lace Convention in Adelaide 18-20 July 2014

I heard that there is a lace convention in Adelaide next year. So far, I cannot find any program yet.

I would like to hear more about it. Any comments?

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Pag Lace - September 10 2013

Hello my Pag Lace friends,  I am quite excited today.  I have completed my test Pag Lace project one.  Please don't look at the stitches too closely.  It was the concept I was going for.  I already have learned a lot from it.  I have also started a new Photo album where I will do project one in yarn (this time cotton and lighter) and photogragh the progress so that you can see how it is made.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Pag Lace - September 3, 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends...

I just wanted to stop in and tell you what I'm up to.  Yes, I'm still actively working on teaching materials.  What I am up to now is I am currently making a very very large version of the project I posted and I'm using yarn.  I learned this from Sylvia my teacher for Romanian Point Lace.  I will be posting a picture in a couple of days.  Then I will be able to make it again taking pictures along the way so everyone can see.   These will follow along…


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