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Pag Lacemaking - learnings and questions

I couldn't stand just working on 1 piece of Pag lace, so I have started an additional piece.  The more I do of the lace, the more I am learning.  That is the best part.

Learning tightness: it seems to me that there is a difference between the tightness one needs for laying the cordonnet for Pag lace vs. other needle laces.  I don't have a great deal of experience with lots of other needle laces, so I could be wrong on that.  What I do know, is that for Pag lace, the cordonnet needs to…


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Pag lace: info on OIDFA Pag Lace class

Here is the information about the OIDFA class for paska cipka:


Location: Ljubljana

Tutor: Nedjeljka Uros, President of Society of Pag lace makers

The needle lace from island Pag in Croatia can find its origin among the accomplishment of the textile handicraft of the eastern Mediterranean area. One of the basic decorative forms of the original Pag lace is reticella. The women from…


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Pag lace

I have been thinking and doing a lot of Pag lace recently.  Before I wrote this, I looked up at comments on Pag lace.  No, it is not easy to learn Pag lace.  While I understand and respect that this is intellectual property of the people of Pag, I just want to learn how to make this beautiful lace.  I do not want to profit in any way or take anything away from the wonderful people in Pag.   Every since the first time I watched the video put out by Unesco and saw the women making this lace, I…


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Sacramento - friday

Sorry for the delay.  Friday - last day of classes.  I left feeling like I had learned a great deal but still a great deal to practice and learn.  The banquet was very nice.  The meal was delicious.  I had the prime rib.  The entertainment this year was a fashion show of lace from Lia Baumeiser-Jonkers collection.  She certainly has some beautiful pieces.  while the show was taking place, a woman was playing music from an electrical harp.   

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Sacremento - thursday

This was not an eventful day for me.  after morning class, I called my teacher to tell her that I was not well and would not be coming.  I spent the time sleeping.  I did not attend the annual meeting at night as well.  Maybe someone else has comments for that.

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Sacramento - tour day wednesday

I had selected the tour for the Lace Museum and Lacis.  Please forgive me, someone told me not to get too excited about the Lace Museum.  so I was not.  I was part of the group that went to the park first (Lace Museum too small to fit in all of us at once).  while at the park I had a nice long chat with a new friend.  then we were off to the Lace Museum.  wow, I was so glad that my expectations were surpassed!  ok, yes, it is a little small, but everything was so well displayed.  I feel…


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Sacramento - tuesday

Morning class, then the IOLI luncheon.  That was very nice.  The meal was good and then there was a nice lecture about the lace collection at the Smithsonian.  It was very…


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Sacramento - news flash for 2015

So excited to see that Loretta is going to be teaching an Alencon class.  Sign me up.  If you want to see the list of classes for next year, check out the Facebook page for IOLI.

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Sacramento - teacher's showcase

After having dinner with a new friend, I returned to the hotel to go to the Teacher's Showcase.  Right off, what I liked about the event this year is that it was so spread out.  room for everyone to just come in and walk around to every table.  The collection of teachers this year (as every year) is very talented and you can really see that at this event.  They put out their most beautiful pieces.  As you look at every table, you are inspired and want immediately to take their…


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Sacramento - afternoon class

Once again with Galina and this time orenburg lace design techniques.  The class was so interesting.  It is about putting the different elements of the lace together a certain way.  No knitting, just designing.  please see the comment I made on a reply from this morning's class.

The showcase room was open and I got to take a look.  It is difficult to take it all in at once.  So I focused on one part.  that was the tatting shuttle display.  wow, I never knew so many types of shuttles…


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Sacramento - morning class

Hello everyone,

the day began early for me as my class was at 8:00.   For those who don't know, they stagger the times for classes to help with congestion.  It was with Galina, fundamentals for Orenburg lace.  She is wonderful, so funny and tells us lots of stories about the lace.  It felt so good to just sit and knit.  for me, I have knitted for a long time so a lot of the concepts were familiar to me.  we had a full class and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I have not…


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Sacramento - Opening dinner

it was lovely and delicious.  I was surprised when I walked into the room, it looked like a lot of tables.  But it looked like they all got filled.  Before dinner, there was some entertainment.  Folks in period costumes from the gold rush days (we are in Sacramento and the theme is the gold rush).  they sang, made jokes, and performed a few tricks.  what fun.  after the dinner, there were some announcements and a well deserved thanking of the Gold Country Lacemakers for all their hard…


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Sacramento - openning of marketplace

At 55 years of age, little makes me feel like a kid again......except opening of the marketplace.  kind of like Christmas morning.  there are lovely things everywhere.  Can be a bit overwhelming.  I was able to control myself and purchase only 2 books and some lace study pieces from Nancy Evans.  I wanted all the pieces of lace.  I never had the feeling I had today when purchasing the lace.  In my hands was a piece of lace made in the 1800's sometime.  Granted, it is not hundreds of years…


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Sacramento - registration

I started my day being surprised.  I was awake very early and decided to check out the balcony.  Since it is so hot here during the day (fortunately there are no more 105 degrees for this week predicted), I assumed like back home, it was hot.  It was cold!  It felt so delightful.  Leaving the door to the balcony open, I went back to sleep more.

By the time I did awake again, registration had started.  think of a bunch of excited ladies all gathered together!  I got my things and now…


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Sacramento - arrived

So I have arrived and am settled in my room.  This hotel is very spread out, lots of different buildings.  I have seen many ladies checking in at the front desk.  I have already been chatting with Liz Legati.  What fun!  I am not sure where the actual classes will be yet but I will find out.  It is very hot here today, but they tell me that the temperature yesterday was 105 degrees, so at least is it not that today.

there is nothing officially happening today.  Next I will let you…


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Sacremento - on my way

I started early this morning from Connecticut.  Sipping a cup of coffee, I started my first blog post and then I lost it.  that is the trouble with traveling and using the internet I guess.  I am now in chicago waiting for my next flight.  so let's start again....

So the day to travel to convention finally has arrived.  It seems like it has been forever.  Let's begin:

I am signed up for  a morning class with Galina Khmeleva for Fundamentals for Orenburg knitting.  I recently…


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Pag Lace - October 11 2013 Yes, I'm still here

Hello all my Pag lace friends,

I bet you were wondering where I was.  Well I got bad news at work and my job is being outsourced and when I wasn't thinking about that, I have been knitting/crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.  But thankfully, I'm in a better lacing place now.  I will be working on the sample this weekend and hopefully my husband can upload them first of the week.

I hope you are all well.


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Pag Lace - September 28 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  As you can see, I added more pictures to the sample that I'm making left handed.  I will be posting more in a few days.

Also, as you probably saw my post of Margaret Stephens' design.  What fun.  I look forward to more "non traditional" designs as well as continuing with the "traditional" designs.  The more Pag type lace I do, the more that I want to do.


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Pag Lace - September 17 2013

Hello all my Pag lace friends.  It would be very helpful to me if those of you that are using my pictures for instruction that 1.  you would let me know that you are, and 2.  if you are, are they helpful.  Is it a problem that they are left handed?

thanks, Linda

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Pag Lace - September 10 2013

Hello my Pag Lace friends,  I am quite excited today.  I have completed my test Pag Lace project one.  Please don't look at the stitches too closely.  It was the concept I was going for.  I already have learned a lot from it.  I have also started a new Photo album where I will do project one in yarn (this time cotton and lighter) and photogragh the progress so that you can see how it is made.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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