When it says that both sides have to "look the same", for the skeleton, how do I get the 4 threads on the back?

I am following as best I can, the slideshow, but I am confused also about how many threads there are, is there the one thread on the needle (doubled) and the four other pieces (all one piece) separate from the needle thread?

Thanks in advance.

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Comment by Lorelei Halley on March 19, 2013 at 5:42pm


Go to the Pag Lace group and look at the comments beginning in December 2012.  You can follow the discussion. Xiaojie explained about which threads are doubled, and which are in 4s.

And yes, the needle thread is doubled, while you are putting in the tacking stitches.  These will be cut off when the lace is finished -- they will not be a permanent part of the lace.  But the four threads will lay on top of the pattern, never piercing it.  The tacking stitches hold this in place, and it will be a permanent part of the lace.

Look at this album, at each photo beginning with the 3rd row of photos, and read all the comments.


For your future questions please put them in the Pag group.  Others will have the same questions in the future and it will be useful to have all the Pag questions together in one place.

Like here: http://needlelacetalk.ning.com/group/pagneedlelace/forum/topics/beg...

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