Ok I have been "chickening around" for months now. My first steps of the very first project still lay there and look at me, saying "you don't dare do you?" and in fact it's true, since I found out I should begin with something easier than I first had planned.
But I haven't begun on anything easier yet, I've just postponed this new adventure and in the meantime I've just done small things in other crafty areas (mostly tatting).
Now I was so lucky to find a friend who lives nearby who (we discovered only now) is as passionate as I am for lace in general, I've showed her the resourced shared here, the links, the tutorials, and she's very enthusiastic. It helps to focus !!!
Other things have happened too. I have received a porcelain doll which I absolutely treasure, made by doll artist Marina Bychkova. I have won her in Marina's annual birthday contest. (Here is she if you are curious to see her!)
So, my desire would be to make something for her to wear, made of needlelace.
Now I might start on too ambitious things again, even before I have begun. But I guess one needs motivation, a project. Even though it may come out ugly the first time, it's not important, I can always begin on a new and improved one later! At this stage I think what I need most is just to have the courage to begin.
So, I'm looking around for some simple idea, a simple pattern, for making something that she (I gave her the name of Isadora) could wear.
I confess I thought of a corset at first (I have the pattern for the 8 tiny pieces and I'm making one out of other easier material) also because the pieces are small and almost like deformed rectagles, but I feel this too is too advanced to try in needlelace, so I'm trying to think of something easier.
Perhaps a pair of romantic, long sleeves?
Or perhaps, as I was thinking months ago, I could try a pair of tiny, drop-shaped wings? or socks? what do you think? :) any advice is welcome to get me started and motivated (I am motivated but scared !).

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Comment by Ama on November 9, 2010 at 3:53am
Elizabeth, thank you so much for the good idea, I have in fact already drawed them as if I were to make them in needlelace, so I will put the diagrams up. The doll is circa 35 cm tall.

Lorelei, thanks for the good suggestions ! the dress she has on in the photo I linked isn't even completed (it was only a "draft" for another one which was commissionned by someone and which I don't have anymore) so it's not her "basic outfit". Also, she has a nice "shawl" already (it is a triangular piece of crochet I found in my grand-grandmother's work box--true vintage ! hehe).
So I think I'm quite tempted by the apron you wrote about. I'm going to see if I find some nice images of those ! Meantime I can try to post the pattern for the corset in the beginners section as Elizabeth suggested.
Thanks for the suggestion on how to make the pattern, and nice to know I can make rows in different stitches without having to "isolate" a whole new section--I didn't know. I have tatting cotton, I must check the sizes (I just gave away one).
Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti. on November 7, 2010 at 8:37pm
How big are these rectangle for the corset? Actually if they are just 4 straight sides (almost, anyway) then they might not be that hard to work. If you can put a diagram of the pieces up - maybe in the Beginners Section, then we can help you, probably, and "talk you through it".
How big is the doll?
Comment by Lorelei Halley on November 7, 2010 at 7:59pm
Anna: if you intend to keep the doll in her current dress, how about a triangular lace shawl. It would be a small project, you could use any stitch, no pattern needed. Just work out the size the finished object should be. On the other hand, if you intend to dress her in historic clothing, a lace apron would be appropriate. I have seen many portraits of duchesses and queens from the 18th century wearing lace aprons, even for evening wear. Again, a simple shape and small project. Later you can get into shaped pieces. The important thing is to START. Use a paper napkin or paper towel to get the right size shawl. Cut the paper & wrap it around her. When the size looks right, trace it on paper and lay the cordonnet around the outside of the triangular shape (again really simple, no complicated thread paths). Fill the shape with any stitch at all, or do 2 rows of several stitches. 2 or 3 days and you are done. Then make another, and another and..... Make it whatever color you want. An object that size would probably work up well in tatting cotton, with crochet cotton 30, 40 or 50 as the cordonnet.

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