Gina Brummet had recovered well from her cancer fight and was about to return to work part time when she suddenly succumbed to pneumonia in mid-Feb. 2012. Sympathy cards may be sent to:

To the Family of Gina Brummet
7417 S 775 E
Lafayette IN 47905-9335

her daughter

The following is an edited excerpt from the two memorial services held online Feb. 17, 2012.

"May we have a moment of silence, please. Today, as we pause,  we are joined by Saraja's tatting class in India, by Judy's group in South Africa,  by tatters in Europe, Russia and many Pacific nations. All of them touched by Gina Brummet just as we have been. Tatters who only knew Gina's blog have been among the several hundred who have emailed me this week in disbelief, shocked, as was I, at the loss of such a good friend to tatting. We mourn, yes, but we rejoice in having known Gina. We delight in the tatting magic she shared with us.  We continue our study of tatting with her explanations tucked away waiting to share them with new tatters. So, let's not not remember her with tears but with tatting.

Do you enjoy music? I think that most tatters do. It seems the rhythm of our clicking shuttles is the most beautiful music there is.  But today, the music sounds a bit faint. Somewhere a shuttle has stilled and no longer clicks. Somewhere a smile has gone dim and somewhere a tatter is missing.  This afternoon we gathered here in this classroom and in groups around the world  to share the memories of Gina Brummet. Please take a close look at the many photos of Gina. In all of them you will note one thing in common... that radiant smile of Gina's. So many tatters around the world as well as in this room will remember her that way. Remember the saying? "Each one, teach one?" Let's  teach the next newbie for Gina.

This loss has brought one thing brought home to me sharply this week. Don't wait to say "thank you." Don't put off sharing a kind word or a note of encouragement. Take the time now and every day to say thanks and to say "I love you!"  Life gets in the way of our tatting, sometimes, but we can always pick up again where we left off and the thread continues."

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Comment by Lorelei Halley on May 2, 2012 at 6:23pm


Thank you Georgia, for telling us.

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