I have been thinking and doing a lot of Pag lace recently.  Before I wrote this, I looked up at comments on Pag lace.  No, it is not easy to learn Pag lace.  While I understand and respect that this is intellectual property of the people of Pag, I just want to learn how to make this beautiful lace.  I do not want to profit in any way or take anything away from the wonderful people in Pag.   Every since the first time I watched the video put out by Unesco and saw the women making this lace, I was hooked and wanted to make this lace.  I have always been a needle worker at heart and this gave me everything that I was looking for.  I just love how it is so geometrical and symmetrical. 

Current information:

So did you know that at Oidfa's conference this month there is a class being taught on Pag Lace?  I was so surprised by this, but also very happy.

Please check out the following:  I was so excited to see these:



this is for the annual festival in Pag:  look this up in facebook:

Turistička zajednica grada Paga/Pag Tourist Board

Question of size of thread:

It seems to me that when the question of what size for the design and what size for the thread, each person must come to the decision to see what is the best look.  As we all know, same "size" in different threads are actually different sizes.  Here is something I personally can share.  Lizbeth is actually thicker than the DMC.  I prefer both Lizbeth and DMC because they are cordonnet and shiny.  But it will be up to you to decide.  If it looks good to you, then it is good. 

I had this statement in a previous blog that I never published.  My latest thoughts on thread size is that I'm trying to go with one size thinner than I would go before.  That is, on my first attempt on my latest piece, I used DMC cordinnet size 20, but on the second attempt, I am using DMC size 30.  I'm finding it a little easier to use.  If the thread is too thick for the design, it is too difficult to complete all the stitches.

Thank you Xiaojie!

I want to thank Xiaojie once again here for posting all the wonderful pictures of how to do this lace.  Without those pictures, I would never be able to learn this lace.   I recently finished "latest piece - first try".  About near the end, I reviewed Xiaojie photos and realized how much I was doing wrong.  I hurried to finish so I could start all over again.  I incorporated the things that Xiaojie taught us, and it is coming out much better!  I am almost done with it and will post a picture and more details about the changes that I made.

I have learned a lot about the "pillow" for making the Pag lace.  If you go back to see that video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMHTNeUDrI you will see the type of pillow that they use.  It looks to be a tightly stuffed pillow in a rectangle shape.  I have made a new pillow with some pieces of metal for weight and batting fabric tightly put together with upholstery fabric covering it.  It works much better than anything else I have used.  I will post picture of this.

In reviewing the Xiaojie's pictures I have discovered when mounting the pattern on cardboard, it is best to make this stiffer than I was previously doing.  This is because when you then do the couching, it is easier to make the couching tight.  I have found that with the couching tighter, it is easier to accomplish the last making because the scapi do not move. 

More to come.

Happy Pag Lacing


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Comment by Lorelei Halley on June 20, 2016 at 4:25pm

I enjoyed both videos. It was interesting to see those few shots of just the bare outlines begun. I want to save just that screen so I can study what they are doing. But I couldn't quite figure out how. Also interesting to hear the correct pronunciation of the elements.

Good post!

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