Pag Lacemaking - learnings and questions

I couldn't stand just working on 1 piece of Pag lace, so I have started an additional piece.  The more I do of the lace, the more I am learning.  That is the best part.

Learning tightness: it seems to me that there is a difference between the tightness one needs for laying the cordonnet for Pag lace vs. other needle laces.  I don't have a great deal of experience with lots of other needle laces, so I could be wrong on that.  What I do know, is that for Pag lace, the cordonnet needs to stay in place.   Second, when laying the original šćapi, the knot that is made in the middle of the piece should be made so the šćapi does not move.  I didn't realize that when I first learned this lace and so I would put a pin in the middle to hold it in place.  Put it is much better if the knot in the middle is just made tight so everything stays in place.  Third:  when making the kolumbar gusti dintel, I found that mine did not stay in place so I went to laying cordonnet for this part and just using that.  But I am going to back off from that try it with tighter knots.

Learning Listacic: I notice that the number of stitches put on the šćapi is the same on both sides.  Once the stitches are made on one side, an extra thread is put there twice before the outside buttonhole stitch is made.  I have tried it without extra threads, and with only 1 thread, and neither look good.

Questions:  I have a questions about wrapping the šćapi.  Is this done tightly so the šćapi actually twists?  I think the answer is no on that.  How much should the šćapi be wrapped?  I notice that when I have done it in previous pieces, I wrap so no space is seen between the wraps.  But when I look at Xiaojie's and other folks pieces, it is not.  It is wrapped enough but not too much.  I am trying to do this.  I am noticing a difference when making the Listacic.  With less thread on the šćapi, the Listacic comes out nicer.

Learning patterns:  As you are aware, there are no published patterns with this lace.  As you can see with Xiaojie's IMG_0767, one pattern piece is used for more than one design.  There are no line drawings to show you the stitches that go there.  I believe that they must have another paper drawing or actual piece of lace that they are going to follow.  But the one plain pattern piece can be used over and over.  For me, I don't have that one pattern piece.  Thinking about it, I may try to make one.  I instead draw out the whole pattern and use that so I know where the stitches go.  I then will prick the pattern of where the holes are supposed to be.

Happy Lacemaking,



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Comment by Xiaojie on July 1, 2016 at 2:47am

Problem with kolumbar:

when make three fils for base of kolumbar, I think its will be placed well if you do a small kolumbar, but if you want make a big kolumbar have to sign with base laying.

Comment by Xiaojie on June 26, 2016 at 10:11am

I already have explain, when you wrap šćapi don't put thrads too close, because you will make motives later, and its are going to place much better.

About pattern you are right, there are paper drawing which is copy of realy lace, often they use copy of someone work and then make holes, that is why many lace work change, loose  symmetrical form.

Comment by Lorelei Halley on June 25, 2016 at 4:02pm

A good discussion. I am still having trouble applying the Croatian words to the various parts of the lace. And my grandmother spoke the language.

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