Once again with Galina and this time orenburg lace design techniques.  The class was so interesting.  It is about putting the different elements of the lace together a certain way.  No knitting, just designing.  please see the comment I made on a reply from this morning's class.

The showcase room was open and I got to take a look.  It is difficult to take it all in at once.  So I focused on one part.  that was the tatting shuttle display.  wow, I never knew so many types of shuttles existed.  I look at them and try to imagine the person who used them.  I might have said woman who used them, but I have seen men tatting.  And after I saw the work that the Houtz brothers have produced, I want to include men.  Makes me want to tat this very second.

I guess that is the one problem with being here.  It can get overwhelming because there is so much you want to do once you see all the beautiful work here.

Tonight is the teacher's showcase.  This is a place to go and see all the beautiful work the teachers have produced.  And you get to meet and chat with them.  It gives you a chance to preview what classes you might take next convention.

This hotel is very spread out.  So there is a lot of walking.  but anytime you want a warm chocolate chip cookie (because the one that you received at checkin is not enough) you just go to the front desk.  ahhh, maybe there is a lot of walking.

I'll report in later.


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